#RHONJ Jacqueline Laurita Says Nicholas Is Reading and Typing!

Posted on Jan 28 2015 - 11:38am by Dani-K

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Good news in Jacqueline Laurita’s world! The “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star is reporting that her 5 year-old son, Nicholas, is making “incredible progress” since being diagnosed with autism. Jacqueline recently shared his latest milestones on Twitter.

“At 5 years old, my son may not be able to hold a conversation yet,” she wrote, “but he’s reading & spelling things like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse & Baby Prodigy.”

She also tweeted:

“Nicholas just looked up the Barber Shop Quartet on his iPad all on his own. Yesterday he typed out Minnie Mouse Bowtique. Incredible memory!”

As we previously reported, Jacqueline revealed that she and husband Chris are writing a book together “Defy Expectations” about their experience, education and progress through the world of autism so that they can share their story with others.

“I love having the opportunity to be able to show people [what it’s like to live with autism],” Jacqueline said, “because honestly, what’s given me strength is listening to everyone else’s stories, their struggles, their successes. That’s what gives us hope and strength, so if I can do that for someone else, then it feels so good to me.”

We are so happy for the Laurita’s. Jacqueline will be very busy writing over the next year. She’s also announced another book in the works on beauty, style, and wellness called “Get It: The Busy Girl’s Guide to Getting Your ‘It’ Together.”

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Another personal milestone for Nicholas was meeting his estranged Aunt, Dina Manzo, for the first time at last year’s Thanksgiving dinner. Now that’s progress!

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  • italiano bambino

    I saw those tweets on fb im happy for the whole family and specially for nick

  • WestCoastFeed

    Nick is a very bright boy and has been typing and spelling words correctly for a long time now.

    • DLister

      Wow, just curious as to how you know exactly that NIcholas has been typing and spelling words correctly for a long time now. Are you a family friend? That’s GREAT news to hear. And that kind of supports my above comment that Nicholas may really have some true genius!

      • Hotdog21

        It’s WCF, she knows all!!

  • Yolie

    Nice to read a positive update on Nicholas. He’s making great progress…it will only get better with time and therapy.

  • This brings a smile to my face. Jacqueline is such a caring and supportive mom & wife. I wish this family nothing but love and success. YAY Nic!!

  • DLister

    Wonderful! The little boy may also have some genius; how many five-year-olds can type Barbershop Quartet? I look forward to being privy to his incredible progress. Obviously, this is where Jacqueline truly shines, and where she may perhaps make the most influential impact from her TV “personality.”

  • I’m proud of him! Go Nic!

  • Brassy

    Autistic children do excel at things a normal child cannot do.I know this because I have nephew with autism. My nieces son, William (not his real name) aged 24. Wiliam was fine till just under 2 years old and he suddenly stopped talking and walking. He was able to go to a school that focused on autism and had parents that worked with him every day like Jacqueline and Chris do. By high school he was mainstreamed to a lot of regular classes.I hope that they see this so they will know there is a light at the end of Nicholas’s tunnel.