Wendy Williams Blasts Gia Giudice For Doing Interviews & Glamorizing Prison

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Teresa Giudice

Gia Giudice, might be “Just 13,” but she is certainly no shrinking adolescent violet. Although she has just begun a time in her life that she will likely want to forget, she is working hard to stay teen relevant by singing (sort of), dancing, Tweeting, and was even recently interviewed by E! News.

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Many people were horrified at the idea of an adult interviewer putting an obviously vulnerable child in the awkward spot of answering questions about her jailed reality star mother, and were even further mortified by the young girl’s responses. Gia had just visited her criminal mother, and reported that Teresa was like “amazing,” Teresa looked …like amazing, prison was like so good, they are like so close, life is great… until that is, the timely moment arrives to switch gears and haul in some fresh public sympathy. This uncomfortable public display did not escape the eyes of Wendy Williams, and unfortunately for Joe and Teresa, Wendy decided to put the Bravo family on blast, nailing them on her show. She zeroed in on the obvious problem of selling the idea that a federal prison is like a yearlong walk in the park.

“Stop talking about jail being someplace that it’s not like it’s supposed to be. Trying to make it sound hot to go to jail. Jail is not hot. Jail is not sexy.”

Wendy went on the describe the plethora of beauty products available to inmates who want to “look amazing” for their visitors, calling Teresa out for using a full makeup job to gloss over the hard truth of life in the slammer.

 “While I’m all for Teresa not looking her worst, to absolutely have it turned out and to possibly be infusing in her 14 year old daughters head that it’s okay to do a crime or go to jail is absolutely wrong.”

Joe didn’t escape unscathed, with Wendy handing him a healthy dose common sense logic.

 “I don’t know why Joe, the father, would even have the little girl speaking out like this. Am I the only one that just found something wrong with this  girl talking to E! news? I’m just saying, Joe, pay attention to what your girls are doing, because right now that’s not real good.”

Gia Giudice is a MINOR, and would be living a protected, quiet, media free life if that is what her parents desired.  Unfortunately, there’s no free from collection income in a quiet and protected life.

Watch the video below:


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