#RHOA Tea: Peter Thomas Opening Peter’s Brew Coffee Shop In Atlanta!

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Peter Thomas, househusband on “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” has announced the opening of his new coffee shop, Peter’s Brew Coffee Shop! The coffee shop will serve, what else…. his very own Peter’s Brew brand. This new venture will be a family affair with Cynthia‘s mom helping out at the shop. 

Peter Thomas RHOA

The store will be located across the street from the new Atlanta Bar One (currently under construction) on Auburn Avenue, in a the Historic District. The hip venue is a short walk from Peter’s Brew to the Martin Luther King, Jr., National Historic Site. The Ebenezer Baptist Church, a National Register site, where Mr. King served as pastor, is also nearby, and to the east of the King Center, along Auburn Avenue, is the neighborhood where King was born. Martin Luther King, Jr., is also interred here at the King Center for Nonviolent Social Change. Many of the homes in this area are on the National Register, and with Peter’s  neighborhood revitalization contribution, along with other entrepreneurs, business owners, and community leaders,  the rich  civil rights legacy of MLK, Jr., will live on, encouraging other locals to join and making this Atlanta neighborhood a must see for any traveler.


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