Exploitation: Gia Giudice Pays Tribute To Her Criminal Mother In New Music Video?

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Gia Giudice RHONJ

Gia Giudice has recorded and released a new video with girl group of 3KT, called “Just ’13.” The newest Giudice breadwinner is pounding the musical pavement hard, and is laying it on thick, as she works to sincerely convey the teen angst that naturally accompanies being the misunderstood daughter of a jailed reality star. The gist of the diddy is that lots of people are big meanies, her mommy has unjustly been snatched from her embrace , and WE should all feel badly that the teen is suffering.

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In truth, Gia is in this “storm” because of a giant CRIMINAL ‘elephant in the room,’ make that two, her parents, convicted felons Joe and Teresa Giudice. Teresa is spending her time in the slammer first, it’s a family “storm” and Gia’s manager wants us all to know that we will NOT break this adolescent workhorse, no matter how many times we Tweet about her. Lyrics to the song state:

Mama said be strong, so against this storm I’ll stand
Through it all
It’s just a joke to you
I’m just another hashtag

You won’t break me
You’re not that strong
I’ve got moxie
And the best is yet to come
Just let me be me…I’m just 13


This is obvious child exploitation, geared to raise public sympathy for Mama Teresa, and to drive the listeners to feel guilty about the unavoidable public discourse that the innocent children might be exposed to. First of all, the lyrics are uninspired, manipulative, and clash with everything that Joe and Teresa have worked to build, namely fame and a brand. The stardom or bust baton was obviously passed to the undeserving “just 13” year old eldest Giudice, when Teresa was forced to sprint to prison. Interestingly, 3KT certainly wasn’t concerned at all about being “Just 13” when they were gyrating around dressed like morally questionable 25 year olds, in their earlier revealed performances.


Gia has been allowed to flit all over social media for years, with Teresa’s blessing and probably encouragement, and magazine stories have been sold ad nauseam. A brief ‘day in the life of a devoted mother’ clip of Teresa, and a plethora of family photos add to the contrived and vocally rough tug at the heartstrings. Poor Gia has not only been put to work putting a spin on a story that has been put to bed, but has also been led to believe that the public is out to ‘break’ her. Everyone believes that Gia and her sisters don’t deserve any fallout for their parents’ corrupt decisions. Joe and Teresa are responsible for any ‘breaking’ of their ‘Just 13’ year old daughter….maybe Gia’s manager should suggest that she sing directly to them.


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