Gia Giudice Says Mom Teresa Giudice Is “Doing Great” In Prison & “Looks So Amazing!”

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Gia Giudice

Wondering how last weekend’s family visit to Danbury, Connecticut, went? Gia Giudice is speaking out on how her mom, “Real Housewives of New Jersey,” star Teresa, is doing in prison. E! News is reporting that Gia is speaking out about the visit. 

“She’s doing great. Honestly it was amazing. She looked so good. It’s nothing like anyone would expect,” Gia added. “She just looks so amazing. It was so good seeing her…They just had her makeup done. It was fun.”

Really? It was “amazing” and “fun?” Does this strike anyone as normal? I can understand if Gia said that Teresa was doing great under the circumstances or that it was wonderful to see her mom because they all miss her so much, but amazing and fun?

But wait, there’s more. Gia continued,

“Me and my mom are extremely close. We’re like sisters. Honestly, I was with her every step of the way. There were obviously things where she like didn’t tell me, but basically like I was with her every step of the way…My sisters, they really had no idea. They would see things in like magazines but they really had no idea. It was really just me because I was older, I was 13 at the time and I did understand.”

That’s really heartbreaking! Ideally a mother should not be “like sisters” with her teenage daughter and Gia should not be put in the situation to understand adult circumstances. But Gia’s a busy girl. In addition to helping raise her three younger sisters, debuting a new 3KT single “Just 13,” Gia will also be focusing her attention towards a new reality show, which she will star in.

“That’s why I was so for it because it was positive and I always make sure it’s positive and just puts out good energy.”

Watch a clip of the interview below:


Tell us what you think. Do you think Gia is doing too much or do you think keeping busy is the best medicine?


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