EXCLUSIVE: #RHONJ Switches Gears With New Housewife Blood

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“​The Real Housewives of New Jersey” has been hanging in limbo, as Bravo scrambles to regroup after waving bye-bye to one of their two slammer bound, house felons. Questions about what casting strategy Bravo might choose have been swirling, and an exclusive source has reached out to All About the Tea with the first nuggets of info pointing to some casting decisions.

According to our source, Dina Manzo is OUT. Evidently, clinging to a felon and posing as a boring zen princess has been a bust. I wonder if the suspiciously timed push for reconciliation with her sis Caroline will continue, now that their strained sisterhood is officially out of the spotlight? Dina has also moved to NYC, and has supposedly reached out to Andy Cohen, floating the idea of a “Housewives” locale switcheroo, obviously hoping to snag a “Real Housewives of New York” spot.

Dina Manzo - Andy Cohen tweet

Melissa is also supposedly headed for a part time demotion…0ur insider added, “rumored cash flow issues, and no storyline” apparently means not so much “On Display” time for Teresa’s sister-in-law.

The tipster went on to spill that because of a partial cast exit, they are looking to hire a couple of new ‘Housewives.’ Our source confirms, that  the casting company used by Bravo  has reached out to current RHONJ cast member(s), requesting their help in recruiting some new blood. According to the production insider, the show wants the new  additions to hail from  the central New Jersey area, with the goal of keeping the key players in close proximity, therefore giving the production budget a break.

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Our source further dished that one prospect is already being considered, and describes her as a wealthy Latin American woman, who boasts an accent and a fiery personality. Bravo wants a fresh new direction, and according to our tea spiller, these new additions are expected to be heavily featured. As we previously reported, Teresa Guidice’s spring from the clink could be on tap for a season finale viewer draw. Could that simply be an isolated swan song clip designed to bring closure, along with a dash of newsworthy reality? Is Bravo leaving behind the seedy criminal vibe, and embracing a new and shiny future? I know…that’s a stretch, but with one felon gone and one to go, any new direction would be a better one!


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