Claudia Jordan Confronts Rumors & Dishes On Showdown with NeNe Leakes

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Claudia Jordan has taken center stage during the last couple of episodes of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” She took on the formidable presence and braying mouth of NeNe Leakes during a cast trip to Puerto Rico, and pulled it off while maintaining a classy and cool as a cucumber demeanor. The exchange had viewers applauding, with Claudia verbally slaying Leakes, without breaking a sweat. Claudia is fast becoming a fan favorite, and the popular rookie used her blog to clarify and share her thoughts about the messy incident.

” …Iet’s just say it was a fight of words with lots of bobbing and weaving that was capped off with a verbal scalping! Lots of low points and crass things said, and plenty of one sided yelling. I am proud to say that I maintained a calm and classy demeanor throughout and let my wit, not my volume, do my work against several malicious false statements made by the mother hen.”

Claudia opens up and gets personal by explaining why NeNe’s go-to barb cut her so deep.

“I wanted to know why that was the go-to thing to attack me with — my integrity as a woman. I’ve experienced lots of things in my life, I know a thing or two about sexual abuse, so for me to be called a “whore” and have someone talking about my private parts is for sure a trigger. I don’t want to get into all the ugly details, but let’s just say my life was affected by that word, and it is something that cuts me deep. It seems that has followed me throughout my life. Maybe because I am considered somewhat attractive, the go-to insults are “whore, ho, bitch, and slut.” I remember not being able to have sex for years after what happened to me, and men getting frustrated with me and again using that word to hurt me when that was the furthest thing from the truth.”

Claudia fast forwards to the present, explaining how NeNe’s blurting insults have continued to sting, as she describes the ongoing fallout.

“I have had hundreds of people repeat this to me since NeNe screamed it at me, and it’s not right. And I find it ironic that since then a very false list has been circulating the internet of all these alleged lovers that I’m being linked to, several of which are married to women I am cool with. The timing could not be any more convenient for some. This list is mostly false, not 100% but mostly!” 

Good for Claudia to courageously face down the current rumor mill, and to choose to honestly address such painful allegations.  Many of the women on this show could benefit from following her example!   She closes her blog with an encouraging message to her readers, committing to an ongoing effort towards transparency.

“I will continue to try to be an open book so you all can really get to know me. And in the process I hope some who share some of my struggles can feel better about their own and take comfort in knowing that you do not have to feel like you are alone and that you are damaged goods. There is life after tragedy and there are rainbows after the rain. Trust me, I know! “


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