Mob Wives Recap: Big Ang & Renee Squash Their Beef [Episode 6]

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False alarm!  What seemed to be a magnificent showdown, complete with a huge build up thanks to VH1 editing monkeys, turned into an amazing piece of self-humiliation due to an embarrassing shouting match between Renee and Big Ang.  They have insulted the intelligence, hard work and high standards of children on the playground, everywhere.   Between the constant calls of “rat” from Big Ang, and the incoherent responses from Renee, it was a great big cross between “ Who gives a crap about this?” and “SO GLAD she’s not my mother, behaving like that on television”.  For the life of me, I still can’t understand why Big Ang is calling Renee a rat.

Mob Wives

I get it, Renee, especially when she’s off the wagon, can be annoying and self-interested to an uncomfortable degree. She admits that about herself. Given how sacred these women hold their reputations, and knowing that being a “rat” is LITERALLY the kiss of death in their circle, how is it possible that Big Ang is repeatedly using this word, unless she is intentionally making an accusation about Renee? Is she still taking out her rage at Junior out on her friend of nearly three decades, or is something else going on? I think Big Ang owes the audience, and possibly those who have been side-eying Renee and her son, an explanation. No matter how you feel about Renee, you have to admit that Big Ang’s use of the term “rat” is reckless and could have real implications for Renee and her son in the long run.

Mob Wives

The night caps with two surprising/not-so-surprising moves. First, Drita shows that she is a “contradictory” (copyright, Porsha Williams, #RHOA, 2015 – Suck it, bitches, it’s a thing, now!). In a TH, Drita blames her friends for ruining her party. On screen, it sounds like Drita’s voice yelling out to Renee and Karen that they can bring it down the block if they want to cause a problem. Ok, then. Second, did I hear Big Ang say that Renee did something unforgivable, like claim that Natalie G was doing drugs with her? THAT is unforgivable? Not her cousin hooking up with a low life like Junior to commit robbery or the taking of an innocent man’s life? Of all of the Mob Wives, Big Ang use to seem to have it together, in my book. This week? I don’t know who she is. Two years ago, you would never have been able to convince me that she would turn on anyone in her inner circle for the likes of Natalie G.

Speaking of, Natalie G and London are working together on a funeral. All I can think of is how much money I could make selling “Free London!” t-shirts.

Karen and Renee meet up the morning after. More of the same:  anger, anger, more anger.  Renee reminds us that she’s not in it with Junior in any way. He set up HER father. Karen agrees with Renee and points out how inconsistent Big Ang is in applying the term “rat”, given NatalieG’s behavior. She wants to be the peacemaker and bring the two women together. Renee swears that the betrayal is too much, she’ll never forgive Ang. #FreeLondon t-shirts and asbestos underwear (which Karen will need) … I could make a fortune. We know how monumental the task will be when Drita visits Big Ang at the Drunken Monkey and Ang says she’s cutting limes like they are Renee’s throat (#ShortOnInsight). Drita seems to remember that Renee’s sister is a producer, and while she promises to have Ang’s back as Karen has Renee’s, she also wants a sit down and peace.

Natalie G and London are in Philly packing up when she tells him about Natalie D’s accusation. She begins talking garbage and my finger accidentally slips and hits the fast forward, but not before Natalie G threatens to get more info to use against Natalie D. It should play well with Ang’s rat hating friends. P.S. #FREELONDON!

Karen shows she has more sense and a better survival instinct than any of the other wives. She is feeling NatalieD out because as much as she doesn’t like Natalie G, she has no idea who Natalie D is and what her motives are. See how that’s done?  NatalieD calls the other Nat “dumpster juice” and is not afraid that Drita and Big Ang are backing her. Interesting. A spinoff with her might work.

Mob Wives

More yammering from Drita and Lee talking about how busy they are; got it the first 10 times. More talk about “rats.” Drita is raging about Lee going to prison because of rats… hold on to that one for a moment.

AJ is home and in pain, but is getting better.  He tells his mother that his girlfriend, who has helped nurse him back to health, owes it to him to be there for him. Renee tries to point out that she does it because she loves him.  Marriage + AJ = Good f–king luck!  He wants his mother to finish making the grilled cheese she promised. He then mocks it, jokingly. There is less arguing than usual, it is really nice to see. Very cute.

Karen, Drita, and Big Ang have a pre- sit down in a park. Karen tells them about her conversation with Natalie D, and they are shocked to learn about the information dig byNatalie GKaren upsets Ang asking about a #sitdown, especially on a boat, the way her father did it, since no one can walk away. Ang doesn’t want to talk about Renee, but finally agrees to it so she can finish what she started with her. Later we see Ang working on another “dream house,” one she wants finished before her son comes home; in a neighborhood is filled with congressmen and judges. She is spending mad money just on the finishes. She is describing her husband as useless (#FREENEIL!) and explains that the house is for future generation of her family.

Mob Wives

The #sitdown: Renee shows out of respect for KarenDrita, in a TH, already thinks RENEE owes Ang an apology (what the hell is on the cutting room floor?) Ang has hurt her hand, earning 12 stitches, OUCH!  Renee calls Ang’s “rat” talk unforgivable. Ang says Renee started it. This #sitdown needs Mister Rogers! Renee tells them she’s tired of being the fall guy for Junior after what he did to HER father. Silence… for a moment. The DNA comment is cleared up (can’t believe it needed to be). Renee apologizes for the comments at Karen’s – questioning what they’re afraid Natalie G will tell. Ang apologizes for “rat” comment, though still bitter in the TH. Renee is ready to move on. Ang, jokingly, brought a bible to swear on.

Mob Wives

Last, we learn that Nat G has called Karen a deadbeat mother on twitter. Karen explodes and wants to be in a room with Natalie GAng promises to talk to her. Drita promises to knock Nat G’s teeth out if she finds out she said it.  Like they don’t have twitter accounts and don’t already know. Boss Ass Karen tells a stunned Drita and Ang to bring her their friend, Natalie. I am afraid for Karen (#tooprettyforprison) and Natalie G (#dumbass).

Mob Wives

Next week previews look explosive!


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