Lisa Vanderpump Compares Kim Richards Questionable Demeanor To Paris Trip Last Season

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Queen Lisa Vanderpump only reigned over half an episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” this week. She  took part in the first half of the festivities, then took off on vacation and missed the main dramatic event, a poker party gone wrong at Eileen Davidson’s house. Her outsider perspective on the episode that went down is unique, and she opened up and shared her thoughts in her Bravo blog. She explained that the spa day was pleasant, other than Brandi’s usual atmosphere killing blather.

“The car ride to the spa where we are all confined was a different matter. There we have it: the need to shock once more in Brandi‘s graphic detail of her fantasy. I don’t find anything she says remotely amusing, stimulating, or even vaguely interesting, just always provocative, trying to elicit a reaction.”

Lisa doesn’t believe that Kyle had intention to tempt Kim with the scheduled wine tasting.

“I don’t for a minute believe Kyle intended to embarrass her sister or lead her into temptation with regard to the wine tasting. It was unfortunate circumstances, and I thought Kim reacted accordingly and seemed to deal with it appropriately.”

Lisa has a history with Kim, and as she watched the dark turn of events unfold, past incidents with Kim were evidently brought to her mind.

“I cannot fathom how one can arrive–with the knowledge that every moment will be recorded, documented in front of millions, where they are absolutely positive that interactions in a group setting are required–without one’s faculties, albeit due to drink or drugs and not expect people to comment on irrational and volatile behavior.”

Lisa brings back a blast from the past, when she recalled an earlier sketchy Kim episode, during a cast trip to Paris

I do recall a similar situation, myself, two years ago in Paris, where Kim’s demeanor was questionable, her words were slurring and she was not herself.

“I made the mistake of suggesting she had taken a sleeping pill to combat the demands of jet lag, almost hoping that this would be a legitimate and understandable explanation for her bizarre behavior. I was met with an angry response–how dare I insinuate that she was not committed to her sobriety? But her actions spoke otherwise. My point being is if we subject our friends to questionable conduct, aren’t we therefore justified to call it out as Lisa R. did in the car?”

Lisa weighed in on the shoving match between Kyle and Brandi,  hitting the nail on the head with her assessment.

“It was startling, but I understood Kyle’s frustration as she attempted to communicate with Kim, only to be blocked by Brandi. Kyle obviously, with years of experiencing situations like this, resented Brandi physically blocking her attempt to reach her sister.”

Longtime RHOBH viewers certainly remember several incidents where Kim Richards was on film acting erratically suspicious. Evidently, the old Kim  is back, or maybe it’s simply becoming just too difficult to hide the REAL Kim


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