The Real #65703-050 of Danbury: Teresa Giudice’s New Normal & Details of Her First Prison Visit

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Teresa Giudice is headed into the third week since she changed her address, and the stories continue to leak from the federal facility in Danbury Connecticut. The stories are varied, and range from the trivial to the dramatic, and a natural curiosity would make one wonder… how would being famous affect a typical stint in the slammer? The walls of Danbury have housed their share of celebrity lawbreakers, including hotel magnate, Leona Helmsley, and singer Lauryn Hill. Us Weekly, reported  various articles of Teresa’s early experience, as spilled by her cellmates themselves. How does a quasi-famous reality show diva existence and the all too real and gritty life of a numbered inmate mix?

Every inmate begins their stay with routine processing, which includes a humiliating strip search, and the receiving of a welcome to the slammer basic hygiene kit, as well as the mandatory khaki uniform and blue shoes. The early environment was anything but routine for the showy Bravo star, who was striving to disappear into a sea of beige.

“The magazines with her face on them are all over the place,” said a fellow inmate.

Teresa found her hands full, having to manage a captive audience of hungry for amusement fellow inmates, most of them locked up for white collar or drug related crimes.

“They can’t believe she looks so different in real life,” says the jailhouse source (one reason: hair extensions are a no-no in prison). It doesn’t help that her former life is there for all to see on the rec-room TV. “They let the inmates watch Real Housewives here,” says the insider. “That’s going to be weird.”

Teresa was able to snag a top bunk, which according to an insider, was a lucky break.

“The top is better when you are new,” says the source. “You can listen in on conversations.

A 6 AM wake-up call herds inmates to a cafeteria breakfast, which invited some unwanted attention to the seeking to disappear Jersey ‘Housewife’.

“One inmate with waist-length dreadlocks even tried to become her “protector,” says the insider: “Teresa sort of ignored it.”

Teresa also spent part of her first day engaging in a typical prisoner activity, spending time in the gym, and was seen on a bike as well as working with weights.  While one confidant expressed that “She’s doing really well in there,”  not all peer attention has been positive.

“Someone left an old magazine with her on the cover on a table where she could see,” says the insider. “It was mean-spirited.”

The source also asserted that while Giudice kept a stiff upper lip while functioning in public, she allegedly melted down when she hit her four inch mattress that first night.

“She cried,” says the confidant, “as silent as she could.”

The second day brought the same dreary routine, but according to the tipster, Teresa was showing signs of growing prison smarts.  When offered a gift of sweats and sneakers from a fellow inmate, she rebuffed the gesture.

“Smart move,” says the insider. Gifts are strictly off-limits and, says the source, “she’s blending in wearing the government-issued fake blue Keds.”

Giudice’s notoriety continued to trigger issues, even though her evident commitment to being prison savvy appeared to be paying off.

Officials “short-lined” her meals starting January 7 (hamburger-lunch day). “She gets to eat with less people and earlier,” explains the insider. “Several women were very upset.”

There was also an account of Teresa bashfully interacting with some inmates in the computer room with the source describing her as “sweet enough.”

Every inmate must follow house rules which include bed checks, monitored calls, work detail, and random shakedowns, which an inmate can be subjected to at any time. The contraband searching pat downs are considered to be one of the ways that guards let an inmate know that they have absolute control, and the inmate does not.

UsWeekly is also reporting that Teresa’s husband Joe and their children visited Teresa over this past weekend.  Even immediate family must be approved before any planned visit to Danbury. Friends and loved ones must only show affection “within the bounds of good taste”, and hand holding is forbidden.  Visitor clothing is controlled with open toed shoes, short skirts, and any other clothing considered “provocative’ being not allowed.  Fingers crossed that Joe wasn’t grabbing Gia from girl band practice on the way to visit her mom!

It appears that fame is not all that it’s cracked up to be for Teresa Giudice. Being identified as inmate #65703-050 is a far cry from a glamorous reality television star and it’s up to Teresa to create a quiet and fading into the background, new normal.


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