House of Horrors: Teresa Giudice’s Prison Nightmare, Worms Crawling Out Of The Walls!

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It seems as if the federal prison in Danbury, Connecticut, the same one housing “Real Housewife of New Jersey” star, Teresa Guidice, is anything but Camp Fed. And now reports are creeping out that the place is crawling with worms.

A former inmate at the federal prison in Danbury, Connecticut, Beatrice Codianni told Radar Online that when she served time there,

“worms (were) coming out of the walls in the C-Dorm bathroom” explaining that the “drain flies lay eggs and then they turn into worms.”

Reportedly, Codianni, served 14 years at FCI-Danbury on racketeering charges. Now that’s a lot of worms!

Codianni said, “People who go into Danbury, such as Teresa, think they are going into a spa. It definitely is not.” I’m not sure many people, least of all Teresa, make comparisons of prisons and spas. For one, after receiving our facials at a spa, we can leave and go home. But for what it’s worth, federal prisons do have a reputation for being more pleasant than state prisons.

Previously, the Bureau of Prisons had announced that it would convert the FCI-Danbury from a secure facility for women into a men’s facility. An uproar occurred following this announcement because it was the only women’s facility in the northeast.

Codianni continued,

“The place is a dump. It is supposed to be clean and they have orderlies who do the sweeping and the dusting, but it is far from clean. There are dormitories in the bottom in the basement where there are pipes inches above your head if you sleep on the top bunk. It is just gross.”

Remember when Teresa said it would be “gross” to live in someone else’s house? I’m thinking she’d give anything to be incarcerated in one of those used homes now!


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