Watch What Happens Live: Cynthia Bailey Thinks NeNe’s Wig Looks Like Ramen Noodles!

Posted on Jan 19 2015 - 2:20am by Nancy

Watch What Happens Live - Season 12

Cynthia Bailey appeared on “Watch What Happens Live” last night, following part two of the shadilicious “Real Housewives of Atlanta” Puerto Rico trip. Cynthia was joined by Lil Wayne’s concubine, Christina Milian.

Cynthia was incredibly candid and dished on the Puerto Rico trip drama, NeNe’s Ramen Noodle wig and explained why she believes she’s being treated with a double standard by some of her castmates. 

The episode kicks off with a preview of next weeks episode. The clip shows, Kordell Stweart and Claudia Jordan exchanging numbers at the opening of Peter’s Sports One Bar in Charlotte, NC.

Time for the first caller question of the night. The caller asks Cynthia if NeNe’s tagline “So classy, so rude” is contradictory. Cynthia responds with,

“Well… [Laughing]  in Puerto Rico it was…that’s for sure! [Laughing] There was a lot of little nasty stuff said in Puerto Rico…and one of my little pet peeves is… it just seems like this season, a lot of people are being called a whore.”


Andy Cohen asked a viewer email question, Kandi said if you’re too quiet, the women see as weak but if you’re too aggressive, the women see you a bitch. Do you think the women treat you with a double standard? Cynthia answered,

“Oh for sure! I’m damn if I do…I’m damn if I don’t. If I sit back and take the high road, I don’t have a backbone…I’m running behind someone.When I speak up….you’re a bully now….I’m a b*tch!”

Andy asked Cynthia what she thinks of NeNe’s wig, Cynthia said:

“I think it was funny and it did look like uncooked Ramen noodles”

Back to the phones, a caller asked, why is Cynthia so shady this season. Cynthia replies to the caller:

“I don’t think I’m really shady. I think I’m a lot more opinionated, again, I think I made it very clear in this group you don’t get too far not speaking up and I’m just speaking up more and I think I have a lot of great things to say”

Andy takes another call-in question for Cynthia. The caller wanted to know, does she think Phaedra was too hard on Demetria and why. Cynthia responded,

“Phaedra isn’t usually super shady like that. I really don’t know why. As far as I know, her and Demetria didn’t have an issue. It was kind of surprising”

Later in the episode, Cynthia and Christina must avoid NeNe Leakes’ alter ego in the game “Wrath of the NayNay!” by answering NeNe trivia questions correctly. Watch the video below:

The poll question was, who won the fight….NeNe or Claudia? NeNe won the poll with 57% of the vote.


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  • Karma

    is anyone else having trouble viewing the video on this site lately or is just my ph,

    • Poo

      Played fine for me. May need to update your Safari player.

      • Karma

        Oh ok I don’t have safari I gave a Samsung Galaxy s5 it has goole & jyst window Internet & play store not to mention I’m technically challenged

        • Poo

          Poor darlin, Sorry you are having such a rough time of it. If you didn’t see the post from Doc, Bravo doesn’t allow video viewing by people in other countries. Trust me…you didn’t miss much. To me, the recaps on All About The Tea are the most accurate and entertaining on the Internet. If I miss a show I just go to the recap. The posters all seem more articulate and less combative than the other sites as well. Good luck to you in your new home, hopefully the pieces will come together quickly…especially the air conditioning

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            Thanks hun that sucks

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            Thanks Poo hun well I might just have to sue Bravo for discrimination for being in another country

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            Karma, glad you will be getting ac tomorrow. I am sitting in 5 inches of snow with temps on the 20’s. But it’s a lot easier to put clothes on to stay warm than take them off to be cool cause naked is naked and no where else to go. I did notice that you post on a couple of sites and tend to agree with your observations. Take care and keep posting….

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  • RonnieIsBack

    Nene’s hoodrats voted all night…Nene clearly didn’t win anything…but a one way ticket to ignorantville….

    • 2015IsMyYear

      LMBO!!! I am so tired of how Bravo sometimes I feel tries to protect Nene and I have read about her doing some very vile things to producers behind the scenes! VH1, Oxygen, and TLC would have BEEN canned her moose behind years ago! Only Bravo tolerates employees disrespecting those in charge I guess.

  • Jersey

    Christina dresses so tacky…

  • Marsbars09

    I fell asleep early last night so I wasn’t able to watch the show last night. There’s some kind of technical difficulty going on with the site because I’m not able to view the video.
    Cynthia reminds me of the singer Brandy.

  • SDC

    All that poll proves is that 57% of the viewers are morons.

    • 2015IsMyYear

      Exactly, morons, idiots, and low class people. That’s why I want the pretty girls on RHOA to move on from this sinking ship of a show.

  • MinkalaniMInkeshiaLatawandaJoh

    Wow, Cynthia is starting to go down the injectables rabbit hole big time. I looked at that photo and thought, why is Marlo on WWHL? Whoodis woman?

  • 2015IsMyYear

    Cynthia and Christina Milian looked stunning! The interview was ok, it was lighthearted fun but you know how Cynthia is, she doesn’t say but so much but I’m glad she is being more vocal about those nasty woman and standing up for herself! This should be a better reunion for her too because as I said before she has backup.