Real Housewives of Atlanta Sneak Peek: Rumble In The Puerto Rican Jungle Part 2 [Episode 11]

Posted on Jan 18 2015 - 1:50pm by Editor


The ladies of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” return tonight for new drama!

NeNe and Claudia conclude their disagreement at the dinner table, and the group is left completely divided in its wake. While some of the women are amused by the whole exchange, others feel as if they are being unfairly victimized.


Kandi hosts a beach party in hopes of bringing the women back together, but the peace is short lived on a bus ride to Demetria’s big performance. Claudia is pushed to her limits and reveals a shocking secret about Porsha’s personal affairs.


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  • Karma

    I’m so pissed I moved in to our new house a week & 3 days ago still haven’t got any TVs wfh is with theses tradies they keep on cancelling and rescheduling and cancelling again all this was meant to be dine I’ve by the time we moved in or a couple of days later agh I’ve missed out on two episodes of the housewives shows thank god for this blog and posters to keep me updated but it’s still not the same as watching it but thanks guys i love reading the comments and the blog at least it keeps me up to speed

  • Addie2U

    Anyone get a load of Porsha’s black outfit with her butt cheeks hanging out the back?! ⊙.☉
    The woman that refused to go to a strip club now looks like she’s the headliner. “Coming to a strip club near you (via the underground railroad) → the Amazing Porsha Williams / Stewart.

  • Addie2U

    What’s the saying? A lady in public, a ho in the bedroom?! Anyone else think dear, sweet, silly Porsha got it reversed?! (>‿◠)