On The Prowl: Teresa Giudice Gives Joe A Hall Pass To Cheat While She’s In Prison!

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Is it possible that Joe Giudice is already on the prowl?

On the same day that Teresa Giudice turned herself into Danbury prison to complete her 15-month sentence, Joe was spotted out and about without his wedding ring.

Sources are reporting to Hollywood Life that Joe and Teresa had a “lengthy” discussion about his so-called needs, and allegedly Teresa, has given him the green light to hook up with other women while she’s away.

Say what? Why would any self-respecting woman who is in prison (for fraud) would allow her better half, do this? Yes, agreed she perpetuated the fraud due to her insatiable lust for the good life that she loved, loved, loved. But why give a free pass to this man?

An insider is saying,

“Before she went in, they had a lengthy discussion about sex and what is and off limits. Teresa told him he could be safe and do what he wants but warned him not to be stupid with it. In no way whatsoever is he allowed to bring women into their home and he absolutely better not let the kids see what he’s doing.”

For real? Of course the kids are going to notice eventually. And excuse me, but what P.O.S. woman is going to sleep with Joe knowing that his wife is doing time and soon he will be too?

The insider added,

“Teresa knows Joe’s a flirtatious man and she knows good and well he has needs that she no longer can fulfill now that she’s serving time in prison.”

Oh poor Joe, somebody call the wambulance. Waaa! His needs aren’t being met. Boo-hoo. Joe should be more concerned with paying off his creditors.

The insider, who knows an awful lot about the couples’ “lengthy discussion” said,

“Teresa also doesn’t want Joe to be seen out in public with other women because she’s concerned about the family’s brand. She wants Joe to keep this extremely secretive, like under the radar and wants no one to know of this. She herself told him she doesn’t want to know what he’s doing.”

Well that doesn’t surprise anyone. Teresa is known for her ability to go straight into denial and sweep the truth under her oriental rugs.

Another source is saying that,

“Teresa is angry Joe got her into this mess. She tossed him out of the bedroom a few months ago. His groping, snoring, scratching and smell turn her off.”

Now we are talking! The question remains, when Teresa gets out and Joe goes in, will she get the same hall pass that has supposedly been given to Joe? Sound off and tell us what you think.


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