RHOA Tea: Mama Joyce Continues To Slam Todd Tucker After The Death of His Mother

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It’s been nine months since “Real Housewives of Atlanta” stars, Kandi Burruss and husband Todd Tucker, were married, but Mama Joyce is still having trouble accepting their union. Recently she was quoted saying that all she wanted was for Kandi “to marry somebody that had as much as she did.”

You would think that after Todd’s mom, Miss Sharon, passed away, Mama Joyce would make an effort to be more supportive of her son-in-law, but her comments sound defensive. She continued,

“I didn’t take from Kandi, I didn’t use her ever. Kandi respects me and Kandi knows I raised her by myself and I sacrificed for her and I never spent her money. I was the one that helped her accumulate what she has.”

Miss Sharon suffered a stroke and slipped into a coma, passing away the following day on December 2, 2014.

When Mama Joyce was asked abut being called “terrifying” by fans of RHOA, she said,

“I think I am just straight up. People that know me love me to death. But I’m real. I say what other people are thinking because I don’t think there is anything to hide.”

Last year there was horrifying talk of a spin-off reality show with moms like Mama Joyce, T.I.’s mother, Dianne, and  Rasheeda’s mother Shirlene, that thankfully never went into production.

In an effort to redeem herself (too late) Mama Joyce proclaimed,

“I want my child to be happy and I didn’t want her to be taken advantage of.” She continued, “I made up my mind that if that’s who she chose then I am happy for her. I am not going to stress about it and I’m just going to accept it.”

And now that she is the only G-Ma in the picture, is it possible that Mama Joyce is finally starting to see that Todd is a hard worker and good for Kandi? She added,

“Todd is doing well now. He has a show and I hope they stay together and be happy. I have accepted that they are together and she loves him.”

Mama Joyce’s final words about her downright nasty attitude, “I guess I don’t care. Who’s gonna check me boo?”


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