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Mob Wives Recap: Ratalie Admits To Cop Calling + Big Ang & Renee Reach Their Breaking Point! [Episode 5]

Mob Wives

Another week, another dark mark against my soul – and I’m all in. Renee and Karen are discussing Junior’s latest antics. Renee (who looks STUNNING in her THs, by the way) feels sympathy for the innocent victim and his family and for Ang’s cousin, and she’s sick for her son, AJ. She is tired of them paying forJunior’s “sins.” She wants her real friends to stop throwing Junior in their faces. AJ is her first priority.  She asks Karen to never talk about Junior again… which means?  Yeah, it’s going to come up and often.

Mob Wives

Speaking of “cop callers”, Drita and Ang visit Natalie Marbles to get the lowdown on the rumors about her. Ang doesn’t care to tour the new apartment, when offered. In a TH, she reflects on serving time after being “ratted” on by a friend who wore a wire, and now her cousin is facing life in prison thanks to Junior cutting a deal over their botched robbery attempt. Drita tells Marbles about Model Nat’s comments. Ang begins railing about being sickened by “rats” – scaring Marbles a little. Drita joins her and finishes telling Marbles what she heard. Marbles tells them she did call the cops, when things got violent, to protect herself.  I’m no Natalie fan, but HELL YEAH, she did the right thing.  Both seem to back down off of the dirty looks and say that they agree with calling cops under those circumstances – though Drita says that she would have shot him and had him calling the cops on himself for protection. Right.  Marbles wants to confrontModelNat and begins swearing and going wild, Drita joins her… threats of ass-kicking, mixed with threats of all kinds of things, adding a dash of “play it up for the cameras’.  I was grateful for the commercial break.

Mob Wives

We are back with Storm, so aptly nicknamed. I keep waiting for the guy to do and say the right thing, but honestly, I’d have more luck with a winning lottery ticket. Karen shocks me when she says that she’ll take his word for it. She doesn’t condone cheating and if he ever puts her through something like that, again, she’s going Lorena Bobbit on him. HER? I believe. He’d better sleep with one eye open and both hands on his junk.

Mob Wives

OH NO! I smell another “Mob Wives” spin-off! We’re back in Philly with Model Nat (DiDonato), who is related to “Frankie Flowers” (more info than I need to know). She tells us that South Philly is small, tough, well-connected town and everyone knows everyone and everyone talks. Her name has been linked to a prostitution ring, and a host of other crimes. If they were true, she says, she would be in Bora Bora tanning on her yacht.  Seriously, does no one realize that very few criminals make that kind of money? Big dreams, busted plans, how could this life appeal to anyone? Nat D’s boyfriend, Ronnie, comes in while she’s working out at the gym to tell her that Nat Marbles tried to get him to come to NY to work on her apartment. Apparently he thinks that Marbles wants him to “clean her pipes” – charmer. Nat D is steaming mad and both agree that Marbles is trashy, as is her reputation, and not worth the trouble. Apparently Ronnie and Marble’s ex had the same P.O. and he says that he knows the full story – implying there’s more. Ronnie salts the wound by telling Nat D that Marbles wanted him to get dirt she could use against her (Nat D). 

Renee is having trouble sleeping and meets up with her doctor.  She wants help that is not in a pill form because of her past issues. She is ten minutes into getting an IV drip when she learns that AJ has been in an accident.  He is at the park, at a basketball court. It’s serious, but not life-threatening. Cheese and crackers, even MY heart was beating fast over this one. Shame on you, VH1 producers.  I honestly thought the poor kid had been attacked because of Junior and no one wanted to tell Renee.

Mob Wives

Drita gets a call about the “Mystery Italian Magazine” photo shoot. A party is being planned and she is invited and can bring guests. She decides not to bring Marbles. Nat D will be there and she wants “Lady Boss” to be up for other important jobs later. Having the two Natalies kill each other won’t help. Karen invites Ang over for a peaceful evening with Renee, telling Ang that AJ is in the hospital. The poor kid tore his Achilles tendon and need surgery. Renee breaks down over all of the stress in her life. She tells Ang that it V4B’s painful when she defends someone who hurt her. Ang doesn’t see it. In a TH, Ang talks about her cousin’s situation being stressful.  Karen joins in on Renee’s side. Ang is warned that Marbles will reveal her secrets sooner or later. Natalie did it toRenee.  She only knew that Renee was using drugs because, according to Renee, Marbles was using them with her. BOOM! She will swear it on a bible. Ang tells (Holy Roller Renee, as she calls her in a TH) to not bother and to worry about AJ. I am surprised at how angry Ang appears to be at Renee. I have a feeling siding with Marbles will come back to haunt her.

Mob Wives

Natalie and London are having a housewarming, with her “rode hard, put away wet” Philly crowd. Her friend, Elexis, brings her a folder with Nat D’s criminal file in it. According to the women, NatD has put protection orders out on someone and she’s a “cop caller”… I’m back to disliking Marbles as much as before, maybe more.  The genius threatens to expose NatD if she doesn’t keep her mouth shut… er, didn’t she just do that?  What leverage does she have left? Score one for Renee! Pay attention to the scene, Big Ang.

It’s the day of the court sentencing. Ang is concerned for her cousin, his wife and family.  Renee, seemingly at the same time, is at her therapist’s office.  She admits that she’s self-medicating in a TH. She tells her therapist her story and that people have stopped talking to her because of JuniorAng informs Drita that her 46-year-old cousin received 38 years – essentially a life sentence, while Junior will pretty much walk, even though he pulled the trigger. This all happens just as they get ready for the party. What a nasty little setup.

Mob Wives

Renee is clearly not doing well. Ang is angry with Renee and defensive of Marbles when NatD meets up with them.  Ang accuses Renee of being a rat when she says Marbles DNA is on the same dollar bill they both used – a “same boat” statement.  Ang turns it into a “CSI”/”rat” statement.  When Renee asks if she knows what a RAT is, Ang goes all in and says “You married one.” 

Renee vs Big Ang Collage Mob wives

GAME ON! Pushing, yelling, screaming, and a conclusion… next week, the episode ends and the previews look NASTY. OUCH!  If the mag shoot was real, Drita’s individual professional life just gave way to VH1 shenanigans. Sad. 

Mob Wives


P.S. In the event that you are interested in finding out who Antoine, featured in tonight and last week’s eps, is, you can find him here.

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