Jim Marchese Speaks: Says ‘RHONJ’ Will Carry On Without Teresa Giudice

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Jim Marchese RHONJ

The Real Housewives of New Jersey” is in transition, and rumors have been flying around, speculating exactly how this franchise will proceed with one of their resident ‘Housewife’ divas behind bars. Teresa Giudice won’t see freedom or the Bravo cameras for at least a year, while she creates her own new reality, behind the walls of a federal prison in Danbury, Connecticut. WHERE will this franchise land without it’s resident table flipper?  My favorite Jersey dreamboat, and “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star, Jim Marchese weighed in to Fox 411, calling reports of the show’s demise, “fiction.”

“From what I understand, it takes a three or four month break after filming. The time frames I would start to expect shooting wouldn’t be for a month or two, and from the storylines — people’s lives — there’s so much that can still go on.”

While the ‘Giudices Goin’ to Prison’ story line was certainly the intended backbone of the drama last season, many would argue that until Marchese turned up the heat, the season was a bit if a snooze.  Jim, as well as any other honest viewer can attest to the fact that all  ‘Housewives’ franchise success depends on the ensemble cast and their chemistry, not any single persona.  Marchese sums it up by commenting,

“It’s not about just one character. It’s all the characters. There was one episode that drew a lot of attention and she (Teresa) wasn’t even there,” he said. “The show does well because of the dynamics of the group and the interaction of the group. I believe the show can go on without Teresa.” 

Hmmmm….I wonder what episode he’s talking about? Many would argue that the show could flourish without Teresa, and would welcome a felon-free hour in Jersey with open arms.  What do you think?  Would you watch the show on your comfy sofa, knowing that the show’s once glamorous star is lounging on a metal bunk?

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