Lisa Vanderpump Confirms Brandi Glanville’s Wine Glass-Throwing Was Not A Joke!

Posted on Jan 13 2015 - 1:31pm by BeachSpin


Another installment of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” airs tonight, and after two consecutive Glanville wine tosses, many are wondering what white trash antic  Brandi will serve up next. Lisa Vanderpump weighed in on Brandi’s new wine flinging hobby, and where she and Brandi stand today, when a Perez Hilton reporter caught up with her at last weekend’s World Dog Awards. Lisa alludes to Brandi’s latest pastime as quite a head scratcher, and doesn’t buy that the Watch What Happens Live soaking that Jeff Lewis took was a joke.

“I kind of thought it was inappropriate, if it was a joke, it looked a little bit like a joke that went wrong.  I didn’t quite get it. But after all these episodes I we can safely say that I don’t get much of what she does at all…hence the slap, hence the wine in the face of Eileen Davidson.  Where I come from, where most people come from that’s not normal behavior.”

When asked if anything had changed between them, Lisa explains that it has in interviews, but that’s pretty much where it ends.

“She does say a lot of things in interviews…you know, I love Lisa, all those kind of things…which is a definite change from last year, because last year she was touting me as this awful person, so I am still the same person, but now she loves me again but I tend to not invest in that too much anymore.  I did that once, and I won’t do that again.”

Lisa mentions a slap, which is expected to be some featured drama later in the season. Brandi is evidently kicking her soap star persona into high gear. Will someone please slap her back….preferably to the OC? Let her scrap with Tamra Judge and let us enjoy Beverly Hills again!


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  • Rochelle Barozzi

    Brandi….this is for you. I shall now call you Mimsy.

    • 4theHighHeels_4theRawDeals

      I just call her Trashi. 🙂

    • She Stinks!

      Mimsy! LOL!

      • Rochelle Barozzi

        I laughed so damn hard when I saw that. I love vintage ads. This one was a keeper.

  • 4theHighHeels_4theRawDeals

    RHoBH would be an excellent show if they took out the trash (Brandi Trashville, of course). I like the new ladies-love seeing their lifestyle. Brandi’s antics are not at all entertaining for me–I don’t need to see white trash throwing drinks in undeserving people’s faces.

    I could also do without Kim Richards. I can’t even figure out why she’s still on the show. She has no storyline plus I’m pretty certain she’s lying to all of us about her (cough cough) “sobriety.” We’ll all see that mess for ourselves in Amsterdam though I guess. I don’t think she’s a drunk but I do strongly believe she is abusing Rx meds.

  • Dani-K

    Yes, The RHOC is the perfect spot for Brandi!

  • Bad Barbie

    Isn’t the HW unwritten rule that if you are not there then you have no saying in what happened? LOL

    Everything to Brandi is a “joke” and you labeled and laughed at her “jokes” all the time, Lisa.
    However, this was tasteless but so has everything else.

  • Brattus Rattus

    Didn’t they show Brandi slapping Lisa VP at the beginning of the season? I know I saw it somewhere. She might as well pack up her vagina and leave town now. Lisa has wayyyyy too many fans for that mess to happen and walk the streets safely unless it was some sort of play.
    As it goes, she’s going to get all kinds of drinks thrown in her face. Damn…I hope I run into her. It’ll be worth the cost of a drink.

    • Bad Barbie

      That’s probably the finale. You know how they leave the bs for last.

    • SuzyQ

      Pack up her vagina, lol. I’m going to have to remember that one…

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  • BaybeK8s

    I saw WWHL the night Brandi and Jeff were guests. The drink tossing was NOT a joke. I’m one of those people that has to watch a show to the absolute end and I specifically saw Brandi mouthed the words, “You’re a f%#cking a$$hole!” to Jeff. Besides, Brandi is no actress, there is no way she and Jeff could have pulled that prank off. Brandi,(imo) just said they were joking because she knew she looked like the no home trained brat she is and there would be backlash for her behavior. I’m angry that Andy just sat there and didn’t confess to Brandi that it saw HIS idea for Jeff to ask Brandi that question. (imo, that’s what actually happened.)

  • Pinkie31

    Brandi tossed the wine right at Jeff and it wasn’t a joke we all saw Jeff’s face an Andy’s they both were very shocked by Brandi tossing the wine she just has no class.