The REAL Reason Joe Giudice Did Not Visit Jailbird Teresa Giudice In Prison

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Teresa Giudice had to make do with her new prison gal pals for company last weekend, because Joe and her beloved daughters did not make the trek to Danbury on her first slammer bound weekend.  Rumors have been flying around as to exactly why the support system was a no-show, and E! Online is reporting that it was Teresa herself who put the kibosh on the family time.

According to their source, Teresa did not want the girls’ busy schedules interrupted, so she made the generous decision to allow them to continue life as normal. Joe did not make the visit either, with the likely reason a legal one.  Joe’s involvement in Teresa’s trial complicates the clearance process required to allow visitation, and the legal wrangling clearly has not been worked out.

“There was an issue getting [Joe] approved,” the source says. “Because he’s a co-defendant in Teresa’s case, extra steps have to be taken to get him approved to visit her. The process is in the works but it wasn’t done in time for last weekend.”

It certainly is a nice idea to believe that Teresa is unselfishly allowing her daughters to proceed with a life as normal. However, since it would be JOE who would be bringing them, this reason would seem to be quite a convenient spin on an uncharacteristically generous attitude. Is Teresa making lemonade out of some sour and lonely lemons? Maybe Teresa does want activities as normal…but maybe it’s because her criminal husband isn’t legally allowed to bring them anyway.


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