Casting Call: Peter Thomas Holds Open Casting For New Reality Show

Posted on Jan 13 2015 - 12:33pm by Avigail

Peter Thomas

Star of “The Real Housewives of Atlantaand househusband of Cynthia Bailey, worked his butt off last season stirring the pot and his hard work has paid off!

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As previously reportedPeter Thomas has landed his own reality show. While the details of the show are unclear, casting has started. Peter posted the following flyer on his Instagram account advertising an open casting call at his Sports One bar, located in Charlotte, NC. The caption reads, “You think you got what it takes to exist in my reality? Do you have a personality that will light up the screen? Are you ready for prime time? Come out to my casting call THIS THURSDAY to show me and my casting crew what you’re made of. Serious Inquiries ONLY. NO BULLSHIT! #BuildingBarOne”

RHOA Peter Thomas

The reality star confirmed rumors of a reality show last year during a red carpet interview at the BET AwardsPeter confirmed the working title for the show is “Real House Husbands of Atlanta,” and the network wants to film a few episodes at the end of the year.

Most RHOA fans are not surprised by this news since Bravo showcased the husbands only on a special called “The Real Husbands of Atlanta.” The show featured Gregg, Peter, Apollo and Todd. The episode was marketed as the men “keeping it real” on everything from who really wears the pants to who has the best sex life. “The Real Husbands of Atlanta” was a huge hit with viewers, scoring high in the ratings department, 2,128,000 households tuned in to watch.


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  • twifan2

    Is this going to be kind of like Vanderpumps Rules type show?

    • Oh God nooooo. I hope not. Although I do see VPR has picked up in popularity. I wouldn’t know since I haven’t watched since the horrid 1st season.

      • RonnieIsBack

        This is gonna be in North Cakalacky! ooh chile…..the shade of it all.

      • rasta

        I actually LOVE Lisa but can’t stand that show. Really crazy to think she’d tarnish her brand with trash like Peter. Really incomprehensible. I’v gotta go check the “Rumor” site.

    • Marsbars09

      I think it is.

    • rasta

      I HATE Vanderpump Rules!

  • italiano bambino


    • Bwahahahahaha!!! *Dead*

      • italiano bambino

        i see bar one name i assume is the HOTLANTA version of lisa trashy show.

        • That’s what people are thinking. I think Peter being so messy could pull off that concept well. He knows how to bring the DRAMA!

          • italiano bambino

            He’s such a poser NEEDS to find a JOB and stop tryng to get bravo to pay him for doing nothing.

        • Marsbars09

          Me too.

  • Rochelle Barozzi

    I love the class he shows in the “NO BULLSHIT” rule. ROFL!

    • italiano bambino

      how cynthia married that man is beyond for me to comprehend

      • Rochelle Barozzi

        I don’t get it either Bambino….

      • Marsbars09

        Hi Bam! If Peter hasn’t embarrassed Cynthia enough wait until he has his own show. That girl is going to crawl under a rock.

        • italiano bambino

          That guy really think is one of the girls holding the peach….

    • RonnieIsBack

      Peter always celebrates his ignorance LOL.

      • Rochelle Barozzi

        Too funny

  • Marsbars09

    I guess “bitchgate” paid off well for Peter! He’s finally going to get his own show a la Lisa Vanderpump.
    Man, I bet that show is going to be ghetto & ratchet as hell. LOL!

    • italiano bambino

      Oh you know it lol

    • RonnieIsBack

      And I cannot wait to watch it LOL….

  • italiano bambino

    Better fix the air condition before filming bloop lol

    Ps i keep replaying claudia and nene confrontation man Nene didn’t know what HIT her. Even porsha head talk made me laugh. Nene leakes leaves but here comes NENE lol

    • RonnieIsBack

      It was some funny chit! Her Moose azz was handed to her…

      • Ronnie

        Remember how she cried and claimed Sheree hit below the belt when Sheree put her in her place a few seasons back? Yet she had no problem telling Kim to close her legs to married men or calling Phaedra a head doctor. Typical bully – can give it but cant take it. Live long and prosper Claudia.

        • RonnieIsBack

          Yassss and this is why I can’t with Moose…she says a lot of chit…and it is just her opinion…but when you throw it back in her fugly face..she cries and runs and gets loud and then round up her hoodrat minions to attack you…#Coward
          She is really trying to shut Cynthia down because Cynt knows where the bodies are buried.

          • Ronnie

            I am 100% with you!

  • She Stinks!

    Is it going to be like Vanderpump Rules, but at Bar None?

  • RonnieIsBack

    I am sure Apollo is PISSED…yall know he wanted to be a part of this….Good for Peter and Cynthia. Hell if Kandi and Todd can produce A Mothers Mess lol and No So Hollywood Divas, then surely Peter can Make this happen..I am sure the wannabe reality skanks are lining up to bring the drama…

  • I’d watch in a heartbeat. Sorry lol

  • Carmen Mitchell

    Considering Peter’s track records i hope this isn’t another failed business venture that Cynthia will be expected to bankroll.

    • rasta

      Well you can stop hoping. Cynthia said “My money is Peter’s money”. She’s pimped out, just a lil’ too old for the corner.

  • TJ Marcus

    Not buying it. Maybe a dumb idea Peter has to drum up Bar Non business. Peter = Shyster

  • Ronnie

    I heard the show title will be “The Lady Peter.”

  • rasta

    What’s it supposed to be? A Pimp fest? Guess dudes will arrive in duece&a quarter long azz cars with fur ceilings &fur dice&8tracks&gold canes and all over 70ty. “THE MACK 2015”.

    • RonnieIsBack

      And Skrippers…..

    • Brattus Rattus

      Now I have to go home and watch The Mack… So thank you for that.
      From what I remember about Peter (stopped watching this show cause of Nene) he was awful. He’s no Goldie. LOL And if this is going to be a take off like VPR but a ratchet version with his bottom bitch bankrolling the deal, help me now but I might have to watch. ~hangs head in shame~

      • BaybeK8s

        Hi Brattus Rattus. Don’t feel ashamed, your not alone. I’ll be there watching (at least the first episode) with you. Do we a support group? Should we start searching for a support group now? 🙂 I agree, Peter is definitely no Goldie.

  • Trippinhhard

    What type of ratchet show this will be.. Um Cynthia is a lame fool with her money, Peter refuses to work 9-5 like most men.. If he can’t run down a business, he’s not happy.. Smh

  • Wendy Owen

    Uh, NC? Isn’t that a bit far from his cash cow?

  • DLister

    Ironic. His personality certainly doesn’t “light up the screen.” But 99% of all reality famewhores don’t, either.

  • Shelly Jones

    I’m happy for Peter and Cynthia. I like them both. I hope their marriage survives.

  • Jack

    No one with an ounce of intelligence will watch this show. Real Housewives to the Real Deadbeats show.