Watch What Happens Live: Claudia Jordan Says NeNe Leakes “Half Breed” Comment Was Offensive

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Watch What Happens Live - Season 12

Claudia Jordan appeared on “Watch What Happens Live” last night, following the explosive showdown on the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” with NeNe Leakes. She was joined by “Today” show co-host Willie Geist.

Claudia was incredibly outspoken and dished on everything from NeNe’s racial slur, referring to her as “half breed” to NeNe’s crude comment about her genitalia. Claudia told Andy Cohen why NeNe’s “half-breed” comment was the most offensive thing she said during their fight in Puerto Rico.


Claudia spilled some tea about her first time meeting NeNe, when a caller inquired if NeNe was nasty when she met her in the past. Claudia responded:

“NeNe reached out to me on Twitter,” Claudia explains. “She’s been following me for about five years. She wanted me to replace her on a hosting gig with Charles Grant. There were some sort of rumors about those two? She wanted to back out. So I went down there and we met, we took pictures, we hung out, I’ve interviewed her on the red carpet. We’re not friends. I’m not trying to be her friend, but I wasn’t a stranger. She was cool until Kandi’s sex toy party.”

Claudia and Willie played a game of “You Goat Girl” where they had to guess the prices of items in the game.


A caller asked Claudia if she had any regrets over anything she expressed during the NeNe argument in Puerto Rico. Claudia’s response was spot on:

“Absolutely not,” Jordan said. “She started with me and when you bully people you have to be prepared for what comes next, so no.”

In conclusion, the two partook in a playful game of “Teach Me Your Talent,” Claudia taught Willie Geist how to amp up his reads! Watch the funny clip below:


The poll question asked: “Who’s side are you on…Claudia or Nene,” and the results were an even 50|50 for the first time in”Watch What Happens Live” history!

Whose side are you on? NeNe or Claudia? Sound off in the comments.


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