Teresa Giudice Forbids Joe & Melissa Gorga From Tweeting About Her Daughters While She’s In The Pokey

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She’s only been in prison for one week but “Real Housewives of New Jersey,” star, Teresa Guidice, is having no problem calling the shots from behind bards. A new report claims, Teresa has banned her brother, Joe and sister-in-law Melissa, from posting anything online concerning her four daughters Gia (14), Gabriella (10), Milania (8) and Audriana (4).

Supposedly, Teresa placed the call directly to her brother to give this command. The family snitch said,

“Teresa told Joe that she does not want him and Melissa to post any photos, videos, or other media content on any social media networks that would feature Joe and Melissa with her children. It comes down to the fact that Teresa does not want them to look like a good aunt and uncle, especially while she’s away.”

This family insider must be Team Melissa and Joe because if Teresa made this phone call (and we know from watching “Orange is the New Black” that inmates can make calls from a pay phone) Teresa didn’t say not to let the kids spend time together, just not to post about it for the world to see (and judge).

The insider continued,

“Joe and Melissa have tried to be, and are still willing to be, a good aunt and uncle for the girls. They are happy to be there for the kids while Teresa is away, but Teresa will not have any of it.”

This is completely up to Joe and Teresa to decide who they can trust to be around their children and who won’t sell them out. A year is a long time and things can change concerning who Teresa sees fit to be around the girls. But the insider has more tea to spill about Teresa’s lack of reaching out and asking for help.

“It was the same thing at the trial,” the source said. “Teresa specifically told Joe and Melissa not to come to the trial. She was scared they would receive positive attention for being supportive of her. Melissa tried to cover this up by claiming the courtroom was sealed so she couldn’t go, but this wasn’t the case. Teresa didn’t want her there and Joe and Melissa respected her wishes.”

Well good for them for respecting their wishes. It seems like the only people to accompany the Giudice’s to court were paid. Their lawyers. Their Crisis Managers. Their bodyguards. Their stylists. Thank you for not making more of a spectacle by adding the entire cast of RHONJ.

The source dished,  

“This isn’t surprising,” another insider said. “Melissa and Teresa were forced by production to make up last season and not nitpick one another. They haven’t been in each other’s company outside of filming for over three years! It’s truly an unfortunate situation that Teresa is like this, because Teresa’s kids love their cousins and want to be around them. At the end of the day, this is hurting them.”

Tell us what you think. Is Teresa’s request understandable or do you think there’s some truth to not wanting Melissa and Joe to look good in the press?


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