Gia Giudice Celebrates 14th Birthday Without JailBird Mommy Teresa Giudice

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Gia Giudice

Happy birthday, Gia Giudice, who is celebrating her 14th birthday! But as the entire world knows, Gia had to commemorate this occasion without her mom, “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star, Teresa Giudice, who turned herself in on Jan. 5 to begin her federal prison sentence for bank fraud. An early birthday present for Gia; however, was learning her mom has already been given a reduced sentence (providing no table-flipping occurs) from 15 months to 13 months.

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E! News is reporting that “Gia is spending her day just like any other day” (like going to cheer practice, for example) and that the “young reality star has some exciting things planned for her birthday in the coming weeks.”

The insider is saying,

“Her friends are throwing her a big party this Saturday. Next weekend, she’ll have another celebration with her bandmates in 3KT. Everyone wants to celebrate with her.”

The source is also saying that Gia is holding up “phenomenally” considering recent circumstances.

“She’s really matured so much just in this past week. She’s got it all together. Two days a week, she mentors kindergarteners through third graders after school. She has cheer practice three days a week and she has her girl group.”

No doubt the life-changing event of having your mom in the clink will mature a girl. It will be interesting to see who is the more mature person upon Teresa’s release. (Our money’s on Gia!) And keeping busy with school, activities, friends and family is a great idea, but hopefully Gia and her sisters, Gabriela (10), Milania (8), and Audriena (5) will be provided therapy should they need it.

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The insider insist that Gia is, “busy, but happy. She’s really got her life in order right now…Everyone’s really proud of her.” Gia tweeted Sunday night, “support system is unreal #soblessed.”

Gia Giudice Tweet

Before Teresa turned herself in, she spent that last free Sunday at church with the family and getting everything organized as much as possible. “Her priority was making sure her daughters’ schedules and routines would be disrupted as little as possible.”

Once Teresa completes her sentence, husband Joe will then turn himself in to serve his 41 month sentence. After this the family could have one last hurdle to overcome with the possibility of Joe’s deportation. But by that time, Gia will be celebrating her 18th birthday and be able to make her own decisions on where to live.


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