Eileen Davidson & Lisa Rinna React To Brandi Glanville’s Classless Attack!

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Eileen  Brandi wine

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star, Brandi Glanville, is carving out a new niche for herself, and is apparently working overtime to perfect her signature wrist flip, designed to fling a glass of wine juuuust so. She has had two on-camera victims so far. Brandi’s co-star, Eileen Davidson, served as the test dummy for her newest classless angle, sure to bring enough drama to keep a needy and often tanked mess, happily in the spotlight. Eileen weighed in on Brandi’s trashy aggression and delusional motives in her Bravo blog, where she described the superfan splash as shocking, akin to an attack.

“I laughed at first, and then I teared up. OK, I cried. It was so bizarre and felt like such an attack coming from a woman (not a little girl, BTW who needs a timeout, a spanking, or whatever) that I barely knew. And then I was left to wonder, to what end? I seem to ask myself that question a lot where Brandi’s concerned.”

Eileen addressed Brandi’s convoluted reasoning for the hostility next, depicting her motives as confusing, to say the least.

“She threw the wine because she’s a fan? I’ve interacted with literally thousands of fans over the years, and none of them have ever done that to me. Or was the toss more about how my husband and I met? I’m still not sure. I’m confused. Brandi told us all at the time that it was because she is a Days fan, yet during her interview, she said it was also about my husband and me? For someone who doesn’t want to be judged and just wants people to move on with their lives, she seems to be a little lacking in both areas.”

Point taken…Brandi’s desire for ‘moving on’ comes and goes, and certainly doesn’t appear to pertain to her own personal life. Fellow soap star pal, Lisa Rinna, also chimed in and described the witnessed moment as bizarre, in her own Bravo blog.

“Let me tell you, that moment goes down as one of the most bizarre moments I have ever been a part of. It was shocking and unprovoked. Eileen handled the affront with such class and grace. Bravo to you, Eileen, you are a rockstar! Like I mentioned, had it happened to me, I probably would have ended the night in the backseat of a cop car!”

Eileen and Lisa pow-wowed during David and Yolanda’s dinner party, and agreed that Brandi behaves like a crazy, unhappy, drunk three year old. Can’t we just call it a day. and ship her to the sleaze appropriate OC to throw wine at Tamra Judge?


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