‘RHONY’ Ramona Singer’s Publicist Outs Her On Twitter For Non-Payment Of Tweeting For Her

Posted on Jan 8 2015 - 11:57am by Avigail


Pay your bills!

Ramona Singer apparently hasn’t been paying all her bills and her publicist is letting us know it.

Allegedly, Ramona’s publicist, Annie Foley, is not a happy camper and she took to Twitter to vent her frustrations. According to Foley, Ramona hasn’t paid her publicist for writing and posting on her social media accounts for two months.

The past due amount owed is $2,400 and supposedly Foley turned the tables on her client by using Ramona’s Twitter account to tweet, “I owe Annie Foley $2,400 for writing my social media for two months. I’m sorry for being so entitled. Not sure why I have 2 pay 4 anything.” 

Ramona Singer

Twitter erupted and the tweet was quickly deleted. Some are speculating Ramona’s account was hacked but neither Ramona or Foley have confirmed the hacking.


Do you believe Foley tweeted the scandalous tweet exposing her client or was Ramona’s Twitter hacked? Sound off in the comments.


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  • Atlanta Girl

    I manage social media for clients. Ethically, that is really uncool to make posts like that. Suspend the accounts (and change passwords) and after set amount of time set up auto msgs saying account has been suspended for non-payment every 8hrs. Only had to do that once – won’t believe how fast I finally got paid, and I would never work with them again.

    • Bad Barbie

      Can you suspend accounts on Twitter and still Tweet from them?

      • Atlanta Girl

        When I manage accounts, it is thru a client where they may also have access to tweet or post. I changed the master Twitter password, effectively locking him out and canceled all scheduled tweets.

        I would never misrepresent the client (speaking for Ramona on her feed). I might tweet from my own biz acct and @ her do that she was tagged… would not be surprised if there was professional backlash about airing this publicly.

  • Jennymckitty

    Oh yes. The publicist obviously tweeted. When Tinkerbell twitted about how unprofessional the tweet was, Ramona’s account responded saying that she had always been nice to Tink & retweeted some of her messages. While this is kind of funny, it is very unprofessional. I hope that Anne gets paid but I don’t see people lining up to hire her after this.

    • Bad Barbie

      Nope, just like that crisis manager lady.

  • colleen

    I believe Ramona would let her payroll slide. If the publisist did tweet that, it’s not a wise move. Who would hire a blabber mouth?

    • Bad Barbie

      Who works for free?

  • RealitytvJunkie

    This is very funny but highly unprofessional. I’m sure Annie received her check now lol.

  • The Ramonacoaster strikes again. Why am I not surprised that the vast majority of Bravolebrities are cheapskates, ingrates, and criminals? Oh, because they are.

  • misstc

    Why is that celebrities seem to think they can do no wrong, and people servicing them should be grateful for the opportunities to do so? They crap into a toilet the same as the rest of us!!

  • Bad Barbie


  • Bonita Gee

    Wait, what?! … People actually get paid to tweet for other people? Where they do that at, and WHEN did this start……… I need to make me some money. And may be owed money my damn self! LOL!

    • Atlanta Girl

      I have a mktg firm and I do manage social media for quite a few businesses. Once strategy set up, most is just scheduling, listening/responding… but I try to teach clients to do this on their own. Some, bless their hearts, won’t pay any attention to their social media for long periods of time and then go on blasts and diatribes. Makes me want to glue their fingers together. 😉

  • Birdie

    This is HILARIOUS!

  • Rochelle Barozzi


  • Rochelle Barozzi

    I would think that if her account was indeed hacked, her publicist would tweet to let everyone know. The silence tells all

  • Chee Chalker

    Ramona is mentally unstable. This is why there needs to be term limits for these housewives…..after a year or two they start to believe they should not have to pay for anything.
    How dare this woman expect to be paid! Doesn’t she realize that working for a Bravo Housewife is a reward in itself!

  • Gabby

    Ramona is not well and this has been very obvious since season 1 of the RHONY. She’s rude, uncouth, abusive, etc. I believe this.

  • murlut

    The publicist would be hunting for a new job. That’s pretty low to sink to twitter.

  • murlut

    And I don’t like Ramona