‘RHONY’ Ramona Singer’s Publicist Outs Her On Twitter For Non-Payment Of Tweeting For Her

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Pay your bills!

Ramona Singer apparently hasn’t been paying all her bills and her publicist is letting us know it.

Allegedly, Ramona’s publicist, Annie Foley, is not a happy camper and she took to Twitter to vent her frustrations. According to Foley, Ramona hasn’t paid her publicist for writing and posting on her social media accounts for two months.

The past due amount owed is $2,400 and supposedly Foley turned the tables on her client by using Ramona’s Twitter account to tweet, “I owe Annie Foley $2,400 for writing my social media for two months. I’m sorry for being so entitled. Not sure why I have 2 pay 4 anything.” 

Ramona Singer

Twitter erupted and the tweet was quickly deleted. Some are speculating Ramona’s account was hacked but neither Ramona or Foley have confirmed the hacking.


Do you believe Foley tweeted the scandalous tweet exposing her client or was Ramona’s Twitter hacked? Sound off in the comments.


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