Mob Wives Recap: Renee Rebuilds Relationships & Natalie Is A Rat [Episode 4]

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Mob Wives

YUP!  Big Ang brings Victoria Gotti to the sit down, despite the fact that Renee and Karen are friends and there is bad blood between Karen and Victoria’s families. I am stunned by Big Ang’s behavior and Big Ang is stunned when Victoria says that she never lets strangers in, and seems to be agreeing with Renee about trusting friends over strangers. Ang is DOUBLE STUNNED when Victoria agrees that Ang should have defended Renee over the Natalie during the summer party. She even sides with Renee over the “clown” comment, which was about behavior, not looks. I have to say, I did not see this coming and neither did Ang.  Again Gotti comments that families are off limits, unless she’s filming with Teresa Giudice and throwing the Aprea twins’ mother under the Bravo dirt bus, but that’s for another show.

Mob Wives

Renee explains that two of Big Ang’s family members snubbed her son, AJ because his father was a rat.  Big Ang says that if she was there it would never have happened.  Reneewas .led to believe that Ang was there.  Both women admit that their actions were wrong and Gotti agrees with them that AJ shouldn’t pay for his father’s actions.  Gotti brings them together and reminds them of their history.  She tells them that her money is on their long term friendship against anyone.  Are you listening Nobel Peace Prize committee?  No? Good, keep your dignity.  Both speak of Victoria Gotti as if she walks on clouds.  Screw it, I’m glad they’re back on track no matter how it happened.

Mob Wives

Drita and Lee are on the phone together, again when Drita talks about her trip to Philly as the  make-up artist for an unnamed Italian magazine shoot in Philly.  They talk about Big Ang’s son being in Rikers and missing his daughter’s birth, as Lee did when he was in prison, it turns out he’s been in several prisons.  He pretty much tells her it’s time for her to drop another one and Drita reminds us that Lee is like no other man, his breed – the cave man, died out. Clearly their relationship is going strong.

Karen and Renee meet and Renee fills her in on the conversation with Ang and Gotti.  There are news reel flashbacks of the history of the Gravano-Gotti families.  Karen states that she has no beef with the Gotti family and that she does not feel betrayed by Ang for bringing her to the sit down.  She realizes that Renee is a good friend to have been concerned about her feelings. Ultimately Karen is happy they made up and hopes they can all go out together, minus Natalie Marbles, and have good time.

We see Natalie packing, but don’t get your hopes up.  She’s not leaving the show, London found them an apartment in NY.  Philly must have thrown a ticker tape parade.  NY died a little.  She’s excited to be closer to Ang and Drita, and plans to ignore the “hatin’ ass bitches” Karen and Renee. While she’s talking in her deluded code for “it really is all my fault”, the show’s core four meet for drinks.  They’re happy to be back together.  Despite the fact that Ang and Drita don’t’ want to talk about Natalie or anything negative, Renee warns them that Natalie has an ulterior motive for infiltrating their group. Ang doesn’t seem to like it and in a TH she says that Natalie has been good to her even though she has crossed several lines.  Renee, in a TH, is betting that sooner or later, Ang and Drita will see Natalie for who she is and she will be there to gloat… me too, readers, me too.

Drita visits Natalie and is glad she’s closer, now, so she and Ang can hang out with her, even more. Drita is determined that no one will tell her how to hang out with, and enjoys her visit. At the same time, Karen is meeting with Big Ang and Renee to tell them about Storm, who is still trying to win her back.  She wants their advice. We learn that Storm is still telling Karen she was in the wrong. The ladies are not buying his crap. Renee says that men in their lifestyle always had a sidepiece, but they would never bring a woman into your home. The sidepiece got a hotel room or a bathroom stall.  Men in their lifestyle were just a different breed.  I’m going to give you a minute to think that ringing endorsement over.

We’re at Drita’s photo shoot. I’m wondering if the magazine is “VH1 Italy”. If you find the published pics, please send a copy! I’m sure fans are going to be SHOCKED (GASP!) that one of the models at the shoot knows Natalie MarblesModel Natalie doesn’t know Marbles personally, but knows a man Marbles dated.  Marbles called his parole officer after a fight.  Drita is screaming “Rat” in her THs and says that Karen was right.  She doesn’t think you should call a parole officer no matter what a man does. Drive a car through his house, instead.  Drita thinks all rats should be X’d out and run over. Model Natalie suddenly looks very afraid.

Mob Wives

London and Natalie are talking a walk and talking about the move.  Her voice is making my ears bleed, so I fast forward.

The core four are meeting for another sit down – called by Drita. While waiting for Drita, the women joke about their sex lives. Karen’s is nonexistent. Big Ang says her husband wants it daily. Karen and Renee tell Ang that she has to give her husband sex every day so he doesn’t step outside the marriage.  I’m cringing, but they are laughing as Drita comes up and tells them what she’s learned. Ang’s mouth is dropped.  Karen says she doesn’t want to say “I told you so”, so Renee does.  She is insulted that it took a stranger to tell them about Natalie for them to believe her. Renee enjoys giving Natalie the name “Ratalie.” Karen is also upset that she told them that Natalie called the cops on her and they didn’t believe her but believed the stranger. Ang feels like a jerk off for taking Marbles under her wing. Drita doesn’t want to hear it from Karen and Renee and feels that she and Ang have to talk to Natalie.

Mob Wives

We conclude with another sit down with Ang and Victoria GottiRenee’s ex, Junior and Ang’s cousin, Ronnie, committed a robbery in 2010. Junior pulled the trigger killing an innocent man, but turned evidence on Ronnie– who may now end up getting more time than JuniorGotti describes the “Sammy deal” regarding witness protection programs and says it’s why people are turning “rat”.  Ang is afraid of how Renee will react if she talks about the situation – by either self-medicating or turning on her for bringing it up.  She realizes she has to decide how to deal with this issue.  We end there, but next week’s previews tell us that things don’t end well, for Renee and Ang, or Natalie…. I can’t wait to see how this all plays out.


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