Joe Giudice’s Surrender Date Revealed & Did Teresa Receive Special Jail House Treatment?

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Former Bravo princess, Teresa Giudice, is safely behind bars, and to all of her fans out there, December cannot come soon enough. The New Jersey housewife has begun her 15-month sentence at a federal prison in Danbury, Connecticut, and her husband Joe expected to serve directly after she is released. Many are wondering exactly how the timing of their address swap will fall out. According to Teresa’s new air horn attorney, James Leonard Jr., unless something unexpected happens, December of this year and March of 2016 are going to be pivotal months for the Giudice clan. He clarified the details in an interview with E! News, explaining,

“Typically, you have to do 85 percent of that sentence, so that calculation comes out to a little under 13 months, he revealed. “Our projections are that if nothing changes with her sentence she should be released sometime in early December.”

Joe Giudice is expected to report in March of 2016.  If Teresa keeps her nose clean, that means a few months of together time, before the family is splintered again.  Leonard also revealed Joe’s thoughts on the day of his wife’s surrender, as well as a timing clarification about the next felon named Giudice, who will need some change of address cards.

“He told me that obviously it was a difficult day but that everybody was doing OK. He’s a strong man, very strong family man, and a good father.” He added, “There will certainly be an overlap where they will be together, which will be taxing on him and the girls.”

Leonard also mentioned that Joe received “some sort of correspondence” from “someone last night” with a message that “was basically that she was doing fine.” This certainly sounds like Joe was somehow receiving info from the inside, reassuring him of his wife’s well-being. This occurred during her FIRST night behind bars, and before any communication between she and her family had been allowed. WHO is giving him this info that no other first night inmate is allowed to communicate to the outside? Leonard rushed to change the subject, seemingly darting any further questioning to elaborate on his blurt. Is Teresa Giudice already scoring special treatment…and if so by whom?

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