Rumor Control: Teresa Giudice Declines $50,000 To Film Prison Surrender?

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Now that Teresa Giudice is officially locked up and the citizens of New Jersey can sleep at night knowing another criminal is off the street, rumors are swirling about the reality “star.”

The newest one is Bravo offered “Real Housewives of New Jersey” felon, Teresa Giudice, a lucrative deal to grant them permission to film her final days before entering prison.

A source tells TMZ that Teresa was offered upwards of $50,000 but she declined the offer. The source claims, Teresa feels the filming could have potentially angered prison officials and affect any potential early release. Additionally, the source added, Teresa didn’t want to exploit her family during a difficult time.

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This is ironic since Teresa allowed the Bravo cameras to roll during her legal drama even stooping as low as filming her children’s sorrow over her going to prison.

Do you believe Teresa declined Bravo’s offer to film her final days of freedom?


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