Mob Wives Drama: New Cast Mate Natalie Didonato Throws Shade At Natalie Guercio On Twitter [VIDEO]

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Mob Wives returns tonight with new drama!

On tonight’s episode, new cast member, Natalie Didonato, is introduced…yes another Natalie! Expectedly, Didonato does not like Natalie G. and she isn’t keeping quiet about it.

While working on a photoshoot in Philly, Drita D’Avanzo learns about Natalie Guercio’s reputation from the new Natalie and it will definitely leave fans jaw dropped.

Watch a preview of tonight’s episode below:


The drama heated up between the two Natalie’s on social media. Didonato recently took to Twitter to throw shade at her cast mate and it looks like the drama between the two girls will shift the focus from the drama between Rene and Big Ang’.

Mob Wives tweets Mob Wives tweets

Tonight’s new episode will definitely leave fans anxiously waiting to watch the drama unfold. “Mob Wives” returns tonight and airs at 9:00 pm EST on VH1.


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