Teresa Giudice New Glam Video: Imprisoned Housewife Wants To Return To Reality TV After Prison!

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey” star, Teresa Giudice, is officially behind bars, and it seems appropriate that as the clamor dies down, to reflect back on exactly who this woman claims to be, and what her hopes for her post-slammer future is. Lucky for us, GLAM is on it, and is giving us one last glimpse of a woman who will surely be a different person when she emerges from enduring the most trying period of her life.

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Teresa looks good in this installment, and seemingly more natural than in previous video attempts, as she paints us a picture of her past, and looks to the future.  She shares that her parents are off the boat immigrants, that she learned Italian in kindergarten, and that she is often told that she was exactly like third daughter, Milania, as a child. You know, “outgoing, a lot of fun, and when she sees the camera, she loves to entertain”….no mention of her charming “butthole” repertoire. We learn that Teresa attended a technical high school, and while we enjoy old photos of the reality mom’s striking resemblance to her mini-me daughter, Teresa shares that she had a great time in high school, and had lots of friends. She also spills for the first time, that she wrestled with some OCD type tendencies in her younger days, until having four children broke the anxieties. She reiterates that her four daughters are her life, and that she wakes up every day to live for them.  

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Teresa brings us back to the table flip heard around the country, and labels that as her ‘aha’ moment, that put her name on the Housewife map. Teresa asserts that Season 1 and 2 of Housewives was enjoyable, and that fun was her original motive for signing onto the reality show.  Seasons 3-5 took a dark turn for her, and Teresa claims that she was unable to watch herself on television from that point on. Evidently, she signed back on with Bravo twice, although the experience was ‘dark’ and she couldn’t stomach watching herself? I would assume that hard cash, not fun, became the motivator…perhaps a beacon of light in a dark reality tunnel? She wraps the video by passing on that in five years she sees herself as continuing her branding, and staying on her ‘made for TV’ track, with a cooking venture possibly in her future.

Watch the video below:


I found this video to be a pretty natural and honest depiction of this reality star, if you just minus out that little criminal detour that she took for about 10+ years, and leave out an update describing where her glam butt sits today.  If you take away the hideous, chunky angel wing inspired backdrop, this attempt at ‘Glamography’ was pretty on point. I believe that the next time we see Teresa, her reality will be changed…hopefully for the better.


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