Locked Up: Teresa Giudice’s First Day Behind Bars & She Turns To Her Brother And Melissa For Help!

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The caged journey begins!

Danbury Federal penitentiary’s new resident, Teresa Giudice, has completed the first day of her 15-month prison sentence. As reportedTeresa Giudice, surrendered to authorities yesterday, and is currently adjusting to her new enclosed reality. Talk show diva, Wendy Williams, spilled the tea on the former “Real Housewives of New Jersey” stars’ first day behind bars.

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The minimum-security prison where Teresa is calling her new home away from home, is the women’s penitentiary made famous by the online show “Orange is the New Black.”

Teresa’s new lawyer, James Leonard, Jr., has reported to the Wendy Williams Show, that Teresa did not cry during her 3:00 am surrender.

Wendy reported that according to Leonard, the staff at Danbury were professional and  treated Teresa with respect, adding that they were prepared for her arrival. 

Leonard also disclosed to Williams, that the rumor that Gia will stay with a friend during her mother’s incarceration is false. Leonard claims that there are no plans to relocate Gia,and also asserted that her father, Joe Giudice, plans to care for all of his girls on his own. There are no strategies in place for any family members to move in to assist him with his day to day parenting responsibilities.

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Teresa’s lawyer an apparent  blabbermouth, also spilled the beans about Teresa’s communication with her daughters, asserting that Teresa did indeed tell her four daughters that she was going to prison.  According to Leonard, when he parted ways at the Connecticut facility with the reality star early Monday morning, she was upbeat and asked him to relay a message to her family, which he revealed to People Magazine.  

“She said, ‘Tell Joe and the girls I’m good,'”

Additionally, Leonard also shared with People:

“When we got there,” Leonard said, “I asked the prison officials two questions. First, when can she make her first call? Because she brought money for her [commissary] account with her, they said she would be able to make a call within 24 hours. Second, when can she have her first visit? We were told her first opportunity would be this weekend. I told this to her husband and he was very, very excited.”

Teresa’s final bites were disclosed, revealing that Teresa’s last meal as a free woman was an egg sandwich and coffee.

Other reports describe her first dinner in the big house as a fish filet, tomato sauce, white rice, lima beans, two tartar sauce packets, three slices of bread, two margarine packets, a fresh apple, and a beverage.

Dish Nation has also reported that Teresa has turned to Joe & Melissa Gorga for help in paying her legal fees. Are these new fees?  WHY would she be incurring ongoing legal fees while sitting in the clink?  Something tells me that this story is far from over.


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