UN-Fascinating Housewife: Teresa Giudice Wins Most Unchanged of 2014

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Teresa Giudice

A new and tasty tidbit about “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star, Teresa Giudice, has been discovered. Teresa made the NY Daily News list of the LEAST fascinating people of 2014. The Giudice shout out in the story is pretty right on, and I sort of wish I wrote it!

“Teresa Giudice. Most of us, if we overturned a table at a dinner party, we’d be a “jerk.” We’re still not sure how it made Teresa a “star.” Now she’s about to be fitted for orange, still whining that she didn’t know what she signed and it was her lawyer’s fault and she’s a great mom and … oh, just shut up.”

Now I know what most of you are thinking...All About the Tea cannot possibly be co-signing to such a badge of irrelevance!  If anything, this site would vote Teresa the MOST fascinating character of 2014, right? We have watched her antics as a shrieking table flipper, a bitter sister-in-law, a cookbook author, a discovered crook, and a soon to be up the river inmate. Ahhh, the memories!  She has provided endless jaw dropping material, and keeps us hopping with all of her crazy felon ways.  However…the article’s point is legit, because throughout all of the ups and downs of this Housewife’s hijinks, MUCH has stayed the same.  In other words, no growth, no change, no evolution…..very UN-fascinating, to say the least!

  • Teresa has never accepted responsibility for her crimes against banks, small businesses and individuals. Her indictment, conviction, sentencing,  and any day now incarceration have been labeled as the fault of… **drum roll please**…her lawyers, the judge, her reading tutor, Bravo, Joe, Andy, the viewers, the press, her mailman, Kim G….you get the idea.  Who could forget those adorable catch phrases that we’ve been hearing for months now?  This could happen to anyone…. I don’t know what’s happening right now….I didn’t read the document….we’re good people….what does that big word mean again?  She will have LOTS in common with her future roommates!
  • Teresa has always considered herself a steller  mother, and claims that everything she does is for her four beautiful daughters.  But to shower children with meaningless clutter, allow “butthole” to be routinely screeched at adults, and to seek to market your kids, a la Kris Jenner, is definitely questionable.  That tiny quandary of being guilty of a theft so massive that the consequences include being yanked away from your family, and plunked into the clink, is also problematic.  Has Teresa even apologized to her children?
  • Teresa refuses to stop spending STOLEN money.  In spite of being buried in debt, she won’t bite the downsizing bullet, and when Monday rolls around, she will leave a showy mansion, and be transported in a luxury vehicle.  She continues to spend, and has not humbled her open pursuit of flashy opulence. That outward persona has not changed.
  • Teresa has yet to show ANY public remorse or even vocalized full acknowledgement of her crimes.  The only voiced ‘apology’ we have seen was  a weak and carefully rehearsed phrase thrown out to her fans, those who actually spend cash on her peddled endeavors.
  • Teresa Giudice is blog-worthy for sure…but fascinating?  People who are fascinating have dimension, depth, and an interesting allure, all of which don’t really describe watching a squealing, careening and crashing car wreck.  “Shut up” Teresa…INDEED.


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