Teresa Giudice: RHONJ Co-Stars Will Help Raise Her Kids While She’s In Prison

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Teresa & Joe Giudice RHONJ

Teresa Giudice is in her final days of mommy mode, and the upsetting question still remains…who exactly is going to take on raising the four young Giudice daughters? “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” star is set to surrender to federal prison in just a couple of days, and according to Hollywood Life  she has finally admitted her need for help, and has communicated with some of her sister Housewives, asking for support. She has supposedly reached out to her cousin, Kathy Wakile, her sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga, and bestie Dina Manzo, for a helping hand. She allegedly does not want  to leave the enormous task of parenting the four girls in the hands of her husband Joe, an admitted, beaten down drunk. Their insider spills about Teresa’s anxieties and the moves she has made to lessen the stress.

“Teresa is terrified of going to prison. She has put Gia in charge of looking over the girls. She does not trust Joe at all, he can’t even do their hair!” our insider tells us. “Teresa cries all day, all night. She is sick over leaving them. Melissa, Kathy and Dina are all going to be taking shifts coming over and watching them, picking them up from school and taking them on weekends.”

Hollywood Life also reports that Joe has promised to bring the girls to visit, but with their busy schedules, Teresa knows that regular periods with the girls are a long shot. How can she expect Gia to break into the music business, be a mother, and trek to the clink once a week? I guess that being a normal student is just a pipe dream by now. Kudos to Teresa for finally getting real, facing some grim realities, and asking for help.I would bet that Joe Giudice agrees.


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