2015 Resolutions Glam Style: Teresa Giudice & Dina Manzo Share Hopes for New Year as Prison Stint Looms

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Teresa Giudice & Dina Manzo Haute Glam RHONJ

It’s time to get GLAM 2015 style! The Glam Gals, “Real Housewives of New Jersey” stars, Teresa Giudice and Dina Manzo are back, sharing their hopes and dreams for the new year. They kick it off by expressing that they generally think resolutions are dumb, but if they’re given some hauteish GLAM cash, they’re all for it. Teresa doesn’t normally think about such things, but because she’s getting accustomed to the whole ‘being forced’ thing, she caves, and decides that her TOP resolution going forward, is to stop eating ‘bad’ carbs.

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Hopefully, Teresa doesn’t know that mashed potato flakes, boiled potatoes, and vats of spaghettio’s are considered sorta ‘bad’. Dina agrees that junk food is a no no, and adds that one of her resolutions is to simplify, because she just has too much stuff, due to her compulsive love for the Home Goods international clearance aisle. Teresa is all for simplifying, and has actually already had her stuff filtered, I mean IS filtering her inventory of gaudy crap, to cut back just in time to learn what REAL downsizing feels like. She vows to continue the filtering process for exactly 5 more days. They both decide that they need to build up their flat behinds, and I say GOOD for Teresa to resolve to use all of those fancy prison amenities.  

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Dina wants to be spontaneous, and take off at a moment’s notice, and Teresa chimes in that she can’t exactly do that, because she has four young children. Dina giggles nervously and her eyes dart around, as she reminds her felon friend that her girls can certainly visit her ‘wherever’ she is. They both decide that hanging with positive people and releasing the negative is next on their 2015 agenda. Are there such things as “positive” slammer inmates, and actual humans whom Dina doesn’t peg as ‘negative’?? Dina thinks that she should “get rid of” the people who mess her up, which sounds SO March of 2014 to me!!  Come on Dina…where’s the renewed ZEN? On that note, they both agree that any religion should be practiced more, and life up the river shouldn’t interfere with a friendship as beautiful as theirs. CHEERS to material that you just can’t make up and HAPPY 2015!!

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