Saturday Funnies: Auld Lang Syne For Tre

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As 2014 starts to close, we see Tre  is prepared as always! 
wet tre-gif (2) 


2013-2014 brought her years of surprises!
Daily News Front Page  
giudice copy


Tre tried her best NOT to go ‘away’, but the judge had other plans.
at the sentencing date-2 (1) 


So now Tre just has 10 DAYS to go

Tre countdown



before she goes ‘away’
got here 


Maybe Bella can go and visit Tre? 


Hope Tre makes the ‘right’ turn!
unnamed (1) 


P.S. Don’t believe everything you read!


Watch the video:


*Content for comedic purposes only. Not intended to be taken seriously*


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