Paranoid Housewife: Teresa Giudice Panics About Her Girls & Their Future As The Clock Ticks Down

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Christmas has come and gone, and as the first days of 2015 creep closer and closer, life is about to hit new heights of reality for “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star, Teresa Giudice. When Judge Salas granted Teresa a three month period to order her affairs and spend the holidays with her family, it appeared to be a huge blessing for the Bravo star. However, as the stories seeping from Camp Giudice grow more frantic and desperate in nature, it makes you wonder if the wait was actually the best strategy for maintaining Teresa’s mental health. Insiders are blabbing, and the one common thread in these stories is that Teresa is petrified, possibly even paranoid, with fear probably blurring the lines between reality and imagination to the point of bringing directionless panic into the mix.

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One of the first reports of Teresa coming unglued was blasted out by Radar Online, when they spilled that they were told by trusted sources that Teresa is paranoid that the feds are tapping her phone lines as well as those of her parents. She is allegedly freaked to talk on the phone at all, on cells as well as land lines, because she is convinced that the feds are listening to her every word.

“In the past several weeks, Teresa has been buying disposable cell phones, and keeps conversations very short,” the insider added.

It makes one wonder why Teresa would be afraid of the feds at all…remember she has supposedly established a payment plan to repay her restitution, and has done NOTHING to invite justification for any authorities to descend on her personal space. Hmmmmm. Paranoid or not? I would say this one’s a toss up…it sounds like a stretch, but Camp Giudice is leaking like a sieve, so who really knows who could be listening in?

Another widely circulated story that was also originally reported by Radar, asserts that Teresa is growing increasingly alarmed about the prospect of leaving her daughters in the sole care of her their father, Joe. He is dealing with the fallout from his criminal activity, an admitted drinking problem, as well as facing his own prison stint. This anxiety has purportedly sparked actions that have triggered other reports laying out the possible placement of the girls, namely oldest daughter, Gia. Gia is supposedly actively seeking to live with one of her 3KT band mates for her mother’s incarceration period, citing the need for a female parental figure. I believe the alarm here is for good reason…why did this legitimate nightmare not trigger a strategy of transition back in October?

A valid argument for some true horror, is what awaits Teresa beginning January 5, 2015. As we previously reportedTeresa’s new reality in federal prison, will not be a catwalk. Upon surrendering to prison, Teresa will be treated just like every other inmate entering the prison system. She will be fingerprinted, photographed, and strip searched. The former reality star will have to submit to a urine sample in front of the prison officers. She will be issued a prison uniform and black steel toed boots. She will be given bedding — a pillow, sheets, a blanket and towels then assigned a prison cell in the facility.

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Should Teresa be panicked? I think that the answer to this one is glaringly obvious. Whether the substance of all that Teresa is embroiled in is solid or not, one thing is for sure. Teresa is terrified, and the closer that January 5th gets, the more intensely frightening her personal truth will become.


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