Phaedra Parks Confirms Apollo Nida Divorce Plans on Watch What Happens Live

Posted on Dec 23 2014 - 10:49am by BeachSpin


Phaedra Parks appeared on Watch What Happens Live, after the Sunday night episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, to answer some questions about the state of her marriage to Apollo Nida, who is now residing in a federal prison in Kentucky.

This season has been a pivotal one for Parks, as America watches Apollo’s last couple of months of freedom, along with the demise of her marriage, right along with her. Cohen asked Phaedra how it has felt watching it all back, as the season continues.

“Anytime you are dealing with something very personal in the media and on TV it’s very difficult,” Parks tells Cohen. “It’s quite uncomfortable.”

When Parks was questioned about how she reacted to Apollo’s behavior towards her during the just aired nightclub scene, she explained that his threatening tone was not unusual.

“Obviously we’ve seen Apollo become aggressive on the show,  He has been on an emotional roller coaster. He’s been up and down and it’s been quite difficult to deal with his personality… whichever one shows up.” 

Cohen went on to press Parks about the current state of her marriage, and questioned just  how much communication there is between she and Apollo.

“We are amicably resolving this marriage. Resolving to dissolve.  She added, “Oh yeah, I talk to him at least five, six times a week if not more,” 

It sounds like this couple’s relationship is better when Apollo is in the clink….maybe the slammer communication brings back some memories of the good old days, early in their criminal romance? Phaedra also shared that her young boys are in contact with their father.

“Obviously we have a one-year old, so he really doesn’t comprehend,” Phaedra says. “Ayden definitely knows that he [Apollo] is in Kentucky and Apollo told him where he was so he definitely is very aware. Very tough for a four-year old.” 

Prince and Mr. President have been dealt a raw deal with these parents, and certainly seem to have an uphill climb ahead.  Many believe that there is much to be revealed about Miss Southern Belle,Phaedra Parks.  Stay tuned!


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  • Tre’s Going to Prison

    Okay, now I really don’t appreciate Phaedra on any level.
    It will be interesting to wait to see if she gets looked at for being complicit with the schemes that Apollo got popped for, somewhere down the line.
    Beyond that her responses, to me, sound like she’s been watching too much British Dowager Duchess speaking parts. She sounds and looks like she truly believes that NOBODY is more important than her nibs.
    I wonder if it gets uncomfortable sitting down with a stick up her REALLY AMPLE REAR (emphasis made there because shewee her backside was just way too much to look at in that net cover up thing a couple of seasons ago…uggghhh).

  • cait

    Fakera and Dim Kartrashian claim to have invented the booty-shelf, when it was, I think, J.Lo ? A writer in the Sunday paper, here, said Trashian’s ass was so big, it needed its own post-code ! (zip-code to you) Why you need a shelf on your rear ? I’d spill all my drinks trying to reach ! Got a small flat rear myself !

  • cait

    ALL RIGHT, GET YOUR HEADS AROUND GMT ! YOU’S ASLEEP WHEN I’S AWAKE SO YOU ALL NEED TO CHANGE HOW YOU DEAL WITH THIS ! Ain’t my fault, cos seems, my neighbours, the Brits were there first !

  • Rochelle Barozzi

    That last paragraph said it all.

  • Orlando Chan

    I don’t care what he says, she had to be involved. You can’t tell me that a woman as smart as Phaedra, didn’t know how her husband was making his money!