Saturday Funnies: How The Gtrench ALMOST Stole Christmas

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This story starts out with the meanest, grouchy Gtrench. She was
heart grinch-money all about the money. Inside and out.






So with her aide, Juice, she devised a plan to get ALL the Christmas presents and keep them for herself!

look in d mirror

Off Gtrench and Juice went to Joiseyville!
trench, juice on theur way


She went to all the houses in Joiseyville, taking their 
Christmas presents and more!


Gtrench forgot that not only Santa was watching,
BUT The Feds were also!
600full-how-the-grinch-stole-christmas!-1 trench steals tree-w fed


At the last house, Gtrench met JaxieLou Who 


JaxieLou Who wanted to help Gtrench and Gtrench
didn’t mind the help. It was FREE!
Gtrench sent JaxieLou Who off to bed.  
The Gtrench slithered out of Joiseyville with
all the loot!


BUT Gtrench not only hit a snag, but a pole!
they hit a snag


Gtrench was handed cuffed and booked!


And Juice found a better employer!
grinch_max-the end


mc from AATT 
And don’t forget boys and girls, Santa isn’t the only one watching. Feds are too!
feds watching


*Content for comedic purposes only. Not intended to be taken seriously*




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