Clarification: Teresa Giudice Home Raid – The Investigation Continues

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When All About the Tea, dropped the bombshell story detailing a recent raid occurring at the Giudice home, the fallout was like a careening roller coaster. Although numerous sites reported the story as true, a article released in the afternoon hours, seemed to slam that roller coaster into a wall. Other sites skittered quickly to retract, and Twitter, as well as the blog comment section turned brutal. A key point from the article that was virtually ignored was the author did NOT deny a raid occurred. She tweeted, the same sentiment:

Vicky tweet RHONJ Teresa Giudice raid

We want all of our readers to know that your support makes All About the Tea what it is, and we take our pursuit and exposure of the truth very seriously. Given the seemingly contradictory article, AATT went back and investigated more. We thought it was best to step off the roller coaster, and thoughtfully re-asses, before jumping to any sort of emotionally fueled action. After much brainstorming, and further investigating, as well as consulting with various other sources who have been proven trustworthy in the past, we have decided to NOT retract the core of this story.

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As AATT is discovering, the depth of this story has yet to be reached, and we are confidently standing firm. There are many key points and unexplained details that are stuck in our craw.

  • Our source has repeatedly been proven solid and reliable, and we have also reached out to a few of our other solid tipsters close to Camp Giudice, who have backed up several of the vivid, background details of the story.
  • Supposedly, Teresa ran out and hired a lawyer in the midst of the brouhaha yesterday. Not before, not today, but in the MIDDLE of the mayhem of exposure. Why, when Teresa is headed to prison in two weeks, would she rush to hire a lawyer, if no case was in the works? Any family spokesperson, or even Teresa herself, could have issued a statement, or even jumped on Twitter to deny the raid. Instead, all that came from Teresa was deafening silence.
  • Our source NEVER communicated that this was conducted by federal officials. When we reported that the “feds” raided the house, that deduction appeared obvious. AATT did not seek to elevate the dramatic level of the account. We should have been clearer in our articulation, and used the word “officials” as the potential origins for the search are numerous, and could even ironically present an even more detrimental scenario in the end. AATT included a court order in our story, which indicated that the Giudices had been forewarned of a federal seizure, but we should have considered the other potential causes for the County Sherriff to be gathering evidence, as well as more accurately laid out all of the official governmental possibilities. The Giudices are possibly in hot water with the state, as well as the federal level, and our wording should have represented that. We continue to stand solidly by our source.

We reached out to a legal expert for some insight and one possible scenario, and we are in the process of continuing to dig and determine what exactly happened.

This alleged raid could have stemmed from a grand jury issued search warrant brought by the state, not by the federal government, serving the purpose of gathering evidence to support a case of insurance fraud, as well as accompanying perjury charges. A county sheriff would have allegedly been acting on a grand jury issued search warrant, which is always kept CONFIDENTIAL, a fact double checked and confirmed by a phone call made today to the Morris County, NJ court, with a representative explaining,

“All grand jury investigations are SEALED, confidential. Not released to the public and not for public record. Also, not all state investigations are brought to a grand jury, some are conducted confidentially directly with the prosecutor.”

If you recall, the account listed “two probation officers, two interns, and two county sheriff’s deputies” as the officials who came knocking on Teresa’s door that day. This list of officers came directly from our source, and are all state oriented officials.

All About the Tea also reached out to Mike Reilly, US Attorney’s Office spokesman, that spoke to yesterday. If you recall, he denied that any federal raid took place under his jurisdiction, noting that any such action would have been under the umbrella of US Attorney’s Office. When asked if his office would be in the know, or be involved in any way, if a state investigation raid did take place, his answer was “no.” It is also worth noting that according to our legal expert, it is not unusual for wires to be crossed within governmental agencies, and for the right hand to not always be in sync with what the left hand is doing. In simple terms, if the raid was initiated by the state, the Feds would not be involved. This means and AATT could both be correct.

Be assured that we at All About the Tea will continue strive for the highest standards of excellence in all areas of the blog. We stand solidly on our commitment to integrity, and behind our carefully discerned sources. Please know that we are continuing to investigate this matter, and are devoted to bringing you the whole truth. In the end, we know that a government agency with a search warrant or subpoena, was at Teresa’s home for several hours on December 15, 2014, and that they confiscated several valuable items. We know in response to the alleged December 15, 2014 raid, that Teresa had an attorney spokesperson speak on the matter, a move that is compelling in itself, due to the fact that her surrender is just a tad over two weeks away. What we do not know for certain, is which government agency was at the home, or why the items were taken. One thing is for sure, this story is far from over, and much could be revealed in the last two and a half weeks of Teresa’s freedom.

Thanks so much for your continued support, and for sticking by us as we ride this out, and work diligently to put this puzzle together.


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