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Mob Wives Recap: Storm A-Brewin’ [Episode 3]

I’m an exasperated soap fan who keeps hanging on – waiting for the daytime I once loved to return to its former glory! Hey, it doesn’t hurt to have a dream. I learned to love soaps thanks to my wonderful mother and grandmother. I’ll always have fond memories of daytime, most especially of ‘Another World’, my first stoap love. The ever great, but sadly defunct, daytime shows like Ryan’s Hope, Search for Tomorrow, The Doctors, Loving, and many others keep a special place in my heart, as well. ♦ Norrth Cafe's BlogTwitterFacebook

Mob Wives S5

Big night, big fight!  Natalie, determined to turn peace into war, is going at Karen, setting Drita and Ang off when she refers to Karen’s family as a bunch of informants.  Ang’snight is ruined by the fighting as we hear police cars in the background.  I wonder if Long Island police are on high alert every time this show is back in production!  Security splits them apart, but manages to let Karen go at Natalie when she continues calling Karen and her family “rats”.  Natalie Marbles still insists that Karen’s boyfriend, Storm, came after her.  Storm tells Karen to drop it since Marbles is drunk, belligerent, and sounds stupid.

The next day, Drita is at home after the stress of the fight. She and Lee lovingly laugh about him helping Gizelle – who did well on her spelling test.  We learn that he randomly callsGizelle to quiz her on homework.  Was I the only one distracted by the security monitor next to the bed – especially as Drita’s organizing her jewelry?  Is that for safety, a warning that they’re always watching, both?  Drita and Lee talk about how much harder it is to be home from prison, working, and taking care of children.

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Marbles is on the phone with London. She is back in Philly (sorry Philly) and London is in NYC. She thinks they need time apart. SURPRISE!  He is actually outside and wants to talk… DAMN!  I was hoping she would hang up and the scene would be over.  He missed her? It genuinely stuns me. As they walk and talk, she pretty much tells him that he is not man enough to stand up for her. He’s too much of a peacemaker. He reminds her that she takes everything too personally, and that comment sets her off.  She tells him he has a great woman at his side (WHO?) and that they have a family he’ll lose it if he doesn’t try harder. I see someone who won’t be happy unless London is beaten to a bloody pulp every time she imagines a slight.

Mob Wives S5

Renee and Karen are meeting up to talk about the party. Apparently VH1 producers like sound effects. We heard sirens but Karen tells Renee no police were called. In a TH a gleeful Renee is hoping Karen put Natalie in a trash bag and left her to the sanitation department. Do NOT piss off Renee. Ever. Karen and Renee think that London saying that he doesn’t agree with how Natalie conducts her business is an admission that she is a cop caller. My feeling is that he’s talking about her generally crappy attitude toward almost all living things. Karen thinks Marbles must be golden between the sheets for someone as nice as him to put up with her.  (I can taste the pizza I ate last month with that comment). Renee is planning to call Ang to find out where her loyalties are, letting Marbles in the group – especially after she’s attacked Renee and now Karen.

Big Ang needs outside advice to deal with the craziness taking place in the group.  She decides to see the “boss of bosses”… Victoria Gotti… serious!?!?!  I avoided her scenes on RHONJ and now she’s on Mob Wives? ARGH! Ang first pays homage to Gotti’s father. I crap you not, they talk about there being no more men with ethics and morals. I now taste pizza I ate last year. Gotti talks about how one strong personality can drum things up for everyone… Ang sees Natalie as the problem but sees Renee as a problem, too, because she talks about Ang’s family. They both agree that families are off limits and Gotti tells her that women should build each other up (IRONY!). Ang agrees. Gotti tells Ang to set boundaries, calling out anyone who drags family into conversations. I think Freud is resting peacefully in his grave now that Gotti is on the scene to solve the psychological and emotional problems of the Mob Wives.

Mob Wives S5

Big Ang, Drita, and Natalie are at lunch. Drita does a double take when Marbles says that London doesn’t listen when people get in their digs.  Drita says he’s not a street guy and that Marbles should be happy for that. Ang brings up her comments to Karen and Marbles thinks she said “what everyone in the world” wanted to say. (grandiose) Marbles is not reading the room well. They tell her she’s hitting below the belt and her mouth is vicious. She doesn’t get the context. She’s smiling and nodding like it’s a compliment. In her TH, she’s vowing to never change. Oh boy.

Mob Wives S5

Renee visits Karen’s new house, and tests the kitchen counters by sitting on them. Yeah, NO!  We learn that Karen is stressed after fighting with Storm. She overslept and woke up to find a woman in their home (his apartment).  She hit Storm and the woman ran off.  Karen cries thinking about what she’s bringing her daughter into. So sad.  Through a visit to Drita’s, we learn that BigAng’s granddaughter has arrived! CONGRATS!   Sadly, AJ missed the birth.  He is at Rikers on a parole violation due to a failed drug test. Again, so sad.  Both women hope it’s a wakeup call, like it was for Lee.  They also talk about a call from Renee asking for a meeting. Let’s hope it goes well.

Mob Wives S5

Renee is having lunch with her son AJ and Andrea, his girlfriend.  She loves the girl and wants to know if they plan to live together.  AJ snarks, unhappy his mother is asking. They joke and trade barbs about which of them is thin-skinned.  Andrea confirms that AJ is thin-skinned, too.  BigAng talks to her AJ and she is anxious for him to come home, so is he. This is strike two and his third strike earns him 3 – 6 years.

Later, a guilty looking (my opinion) Storm unexpectedly shows up at Karen’s.  He claims the woman she found was his dude’s girlfriend looking to use the bathroom… at 7am. Yeah…ok, Shaggy:


He tells her she took things too far.  It ends with him apologizing, and flinching when Karen moves to go inside.  Whoops! He follows her into the house and makes her angrier when he doesn’t seem to take it all seriously. She tells him a man doesn’t bring another girl home and then try to flip it on his girl. He tells her that she loves drama. She breaks up with him and tells him to leave. He refuses to go so she does and tells him he’d better be gone when she returns. I actually liked them together.

Mob Wives S5

Renee and Big Ang are talking and trying to work things out.  They call it a family disagreement, but in a TH Renee notes she never had these family problems until Natalie joined them.  Ang reminds Renee that four people claim to have heard her make comments about Ang’s family. Just then we see a woman in a suit and heels walk in, filmed from the knees down.  Renee looks uncomfortable. Ang smirks.  Not a good look, friends.

My money is on Gotti to referee.  We will find out next week.


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