Brandi Glanville: Feels Like A “Grown-Up” Because She Can Afford A Range Rover

Posted on Dec 17 2014 - 12:28pm by Avigail


Brandi Glanville is spilling the tea again and rest assure, it’s about herself.

The “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” star divulged in her Bravo blog this week, she feels like a “grown-up” because she can FINALLY afford a car on her own without requiring a co-singer. In addition, not just any car but a luxury Range Rover. Glanville, reveals:

“I got a very unexpected check from my first book, Drinking and Tweeting,” Brandi wrote in her blog. “While doing all these different jobs, I decided to hire professionals to help me invest my money wisely, brecause all I ever really knew about money was some went into my checking account and some went into my savings account. I took a meeting with them to inquire whether I could afford to lease a new car and was very excited to be able to get a lease without my dad co-signing. Woohoo I felt like a grown up!”

In 2011, Glanville pled guilty to two misdemeanor charges of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol and driving with a blood alcohol level of above .08. We know Brandi has an affinity for drinking while tweeting, hopefully she’s learned her lesson and stays off the roads while drinking.


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  • BooHoo

    How old is she? I don’t think at her age I would be bragging about being able to buy a car without a co-signer. Her 1st one at that. Yikes!!

    • Anna Paolinelli

      Brandi is 42.

      • BooHoo

        Thanks Anna figured she was somewhere around there

  • Yolie

    Brandi is a mess. She’s a 30+ year old woman with kids and still don’t have her life in order. Some advice…put down the bottle and pick up a finance book.

    • TheBeverlyHillsHaveEyes

      40+ and still buying stuff she can’t afford just to prove a point to her ex.

  • TheBeverlyHillsHaveEyes

    She also said she can’t wait to drive up to her ex’s house in her new car. She will forever be consumed by Eddie and LeAnn.

    • 4theHighHeels_4theRawDeals

      Wasn’t that amazing? She’s really like a stalker.

      • TheBeverlyHillsHaveEyes

        And when she had the cheek to talk about LeAnn’s wearing stockings on a family friendly show!

        • 4theHighHeels_4theRawDeals

          Brandi is out there where the busses no longer run–and she’s got a fast pass. I really think she believes she’s some big celebrity and that everyone loves her the way they love Bette Midler or even Kathy Griffin.

          Here’s a big slap of WHAT’S UP, Barfi? There may be a few demented, drunk, and screwed up people who think you are funny–but the majority of your viewers (who are mothers, like myself) are absolutely APPALLED by your lack of responsibility as a parent, your obsession with your ex-husband (and honestly after 5 years or more, this should not even BE an obsession and that it is speaks VOLUMES about your mental health, and your general FU to everyone who points out these personality flaws.

          Brandi is a screwed up mother, woman, and she makes me want to smack her up one side of her face and down the other. She’s an utter disgrace to every woman who’s been through a bad breakup and I so wish they would take that microphone away. No one wants to hear her whining rants any longer!

          (sorry for my long rant–LOL).

          • TheBeverlyHillsHaveEyes

            So well said 4thHighHeels!! I completely agree. She is not in a healthy mental state and I doubt she ever was or will be.

          • 4theHighHeels_4theRawDeals

            The first thing she needs to do is to stop drinking. She an alcoholic and when she drinks she becomes even more of a lunatic. No wonder Lisa wants nothing to do with her.

          • WTF


  • 4theHighHeels_4theRawDeals

    I’m so over all these vapid hags–and Brandi is right up there on the list. They all seem so clueless, shallow, and self-absorbed–which I find particularly inappropriate during the Holiday season. These women do NOTHING for charity unless there is a PR angle.

    And Barfi? How about a college fund for your boys instead of a “six figure” car for you to show off in? #selfishmotherssuck

  • WestCoastFeed

    She has seen herself as a child as this time? Yep. And so have the viewers. Yes, Brandi, it is time to grow up.

  • ImaSayinIt

    I sincerely tried to be positive and see this from her side, unfortunately all I came up with is sadness. This is a 20’s something year old story not a woman of her age with kids.

  • All About The Tea

    Hi AATT’ers:

    Expect a blockbuster RHONJ Exclusive coming today! This one will knock your socks off! Caution: If you have cardiac issues please be prepared!

    • Norrth

      I can barely stand the wait!

    • TheBeverlyHillsHaveEyes

      Oh wow. Might pour myself a hot whiskey for this one.

    • 4theHighHeels_4theRawDeals

      Going to go check now!

  • Norrth

    I don’t understand why she’s more impressed by being able to lease a car than finding a home for her family! She’s said that she has moved her kids five times in five years, I think. If your parents are in the military, that is to be expected. I don’t understand why she has had (or has chosen) to move so much in such a short period of time.

    • fran

      Probably because she spends all the money on herself and leaves very little for the boys to enjoy having a home of their own. I believe she is one selfish woman.

      • Karma

        No, Brandi was putting bids on houses when Ed sued her, yet again. Approx, three weeks after she put her first bid on a home she received notice that Bitter-Ed was contesting the long settled divorce.

        Ed, falsely, claimed that he overpaid 114K, so Brandi had to hire a lawyer and stop trying to buy a house. At the time she complained that the money she saved for down payment would now be put to use on lawyer’s fees.

        Brandi received that big check while still waiting for the decision on Ed’s I’m-a-deadbeat-dad case. So putting $3000 down on auto lease isn’t “spending all the money on herself”. And she just found out that she won the case.

        The fact of the matter is that building a mortgage worthy credit history relies on auto purchases. She had no credit history being married to Ed. So, like it or not all, it’s a wise financial decision to build credit otherwise she can’t buy a house.

        Seriously, do any of you actually have a mortgage? I’m shocked at how many people don’t understand how credit and mortgages work.

        • Sliceo’pie

          I’m sure the majority of us own homes-we’re just shocked that a woman in her mid-forties has, until recently, needed her daddy to co-sign a loan for a car. She bragged that the car was six figures-(fwiw, I drive a Range Rover and it didn’t cost $100,000) I don’t believe she explained (on the show) that she put $3,000 down-she acted like she paid for it outright when she received the check. Brandi blames everything on Eddie-it makes no sense that she had no credit in her name whilst married to him or before they married. Is it possible she had bad credit before her marriage? Based on what we’ve seen, she’s pretty compulsive/impulsive and not good with money. Most people build up their credit in their twenties and thirties not forties. Frankly, I’m not sure you understand how credit works-is this a friend of Brandi’s –that woman with the super-inflated lips who ruined her looks? Do you own a house?

          • Karma

            First off, Brandi was in her mid-thirties when her husband royally screwed her over. Tricking her into signing her name off of the house and using LeAnn’s money on lawyers to screw her harder during the divorce. So lucky you that you didn’t marry a cheating actor who arranged the finances to hurt you. She said she was stupid to have trusted her husband and now she is fixing the damage in the years since.

            As far as the Range Rover, I guess you drive one of the lesser ones, and not the brand new, top of the line, Range Rover Autobiography with the Super Charged V-8. Go price check her SUV vs yours and you’ll see it does cost over $100,000.

            Anyway, obviously the show is edited so you don’t know what information was offered there. So the only thing I saw was that she acted happy about her new vehicle and didn’t take the quick relaying of details as hard facts. However, she explained on WWHL immediately after RHOBH that she leased the vehicle, which is smart, since you get a great new car, with a low down payment, no maintenance fees, and the chance to purchase the car at the end of the lease. Or get another new car. Otherwise, she would have to come up with a larger down payment on the same car to try and purchase it from the start.

            How does it make no sense that she had no credit? Ed was the primary breadwinner so the credit cards were probably in his name and issued to her. And when she is taken off of those cards, that rating doesn’t stay with her. It’s like closing a credit card, the good rating developed with it, essentially goes away. That’s why credit advisers tell people to not close their longest held cards. It increasing the length of credit recognized by the bureaus. Ed taking her name off of the house, again, removes her credit history.

            No, she didn’t have bad credit when they first met, she was young, and a model. She had no hard assets. She was traveling for her job and lived with other models in Europe and NY.

            And you must not be looking very hard. Brandi often wears the same clothes and shoes for years. She is very thrifty with her money. She has a manager and is saving for her boys to go to college as well as to buy a house. While Ed is a bum who vacations several times a year. As it stands now, Ed has no credit, or the ability to purchase a house or car, without LeAnn. LOL!

            Sweetie, I know full well how credit works. There was a time, rather recently, that getting married actually wiped out a woman’s credit history simply because she changed her name. My friend kept her horrible maiden name just because of that quirk. After she divorced in the early 90’s she had problems getting a home loan despite having a long credit history and a huge down payment from the sale of her marital home.

            There was also a time that getting a credit card was very difficult for anyone to get, let alone a woman. That YOU don’t know how credit works or that housewives could be at a disadvantage is stunning to me.

            And yes, I do own a home, do you? Because at this point I doubt you even own a Range Rover, being ignorant to the fact that they have vehicles over $100,000.

            And try again, if Brandi had “super-inflated” lips, she wouldn’t have a prominent cupid’s bow. Those go away, if “super-inflated”, like on Taylor Armstrong or Lisa Rinna.

  • She Stinks!

    Anyone can lease any car. It’s not that special or a life milestone. Sit down Brandi.

  • Gabby

    How sad and pathetic…THIS made her feel like a “grown-up.”

  • Brattus Rattus

    Maybe if she spent all the money that she blew on getting her boobs enlarged, her vajayjay fixed, and all of the fillers on her face she could have gotten a car a long time ago without her daddy.
    She makes real women look bad.
    Priorities, Brandi. Get them.

  • Jersey

    She has been complaining about bouncing from house to house with her boys but decided to spend her money on a damn car? She’s an idiot..

  • Jackie

    As a straight woman I could stare at her face all day. She’s so damn pretty!

  • nyu0385

    A true grown-up would stick that six figure check in the BANK and not squander it away on a Range Rover that she truly cannot afford.

  • HappyGirl!!

    I don’t care if I were rich I would not pay that kind of money for a car!! A car loses value as soon as you drive it off the lot!