Wendy Feldman Clarifies Tell-All Book Rumors: Spills the Details Exclusively to All About the Tea

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Teresa Giudice is only a few weeks from surrender, and there have been many rumors swirling about how the story of her downfall will be retold, written about, or even filmed, as more and more of the inside details leak out. One person who was privy to most of the ins and outs of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” star, is Giudice’s ex-legal crisis manager, Wendy Feldman. Who better to write a juicy, behind the scenes tale about the crazy antics of this criminal reality princess? Radar Online reported that this exact plan was being revealed when they published an article earlier today, claiming that Feldman had a scathing tell-all book in the works. Radar Online quoted Feldman throughout the article, and it certainly sounded like the focus of the venture was to spill some scalding hot Bravo tea. Wendy reached out to All About the Tea to make a few corrections to the story, and went on to clarify more about the project that is actually underway .

First of all, Wendy Feldman did not speak directly to Radar, it was done via her agent, and while the reported details aren’t exactly incorrect, the slant of the article is misleading. The book Feldman is working on is NOT a tell-all.

“To set the record straight, it was my agent, not myself, who spoke to Radar about my book.” Wendy added, “My book will NOT be a tell-all.” 

The project actually covers far more than Feldman’s experiences with Teresa Giudice. The book will encompass Wendy’s experiences with many clients, from Bieber to Weir, as well as the trials, drama and rewards that come with walking clients through addictions, overdoses and recoveries. Feldman prides herself as being a hands on guide, mentor, and legal expert, and considers herself a lucky gal to be able to walk so many clients through struggles, and direct them to renewed and productive  lives. Wendy tells us:

“​It will cover my experiences working with various clients, including details from my media jobs, as well as the various reality TV offers that I have entertained along the way. I’m hands on with all of my clients, so the book will encompass lots of different personality dynamics, as well as the ongoing behind the scenes issues.​ My job is full off drama, rewards, and is always a lot of hard work. I am one lucky person to be a part of it.”

Feldman will also share the inside back stories surrounding her stint as a resident expert for major networks, working on The Insider, and Entertainment Tonight. She has also been offered numerous opportunities on reality television, with more than 50 different shows expressing interest in her discerning eye.

The book’s working title is “A Year in a Crazy Life.” This book looks like a fun read, and I think I know EXACTLY who inspired the title!


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