Fan Drags NeNe Leaks: Will The Real NeNe Leaks Please Stand Up!

Posted on Dec 15 2014 - 10:59am by Norrth Cafe


When your fans check you (BLOOP!) and tell you that you are less authentic than your bleached wig? You MIGHT want to listen. In the clip below, former fan Dustin Ross READS, “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” star,  NeNe Leakes, like she owes him money! What is it Dustin Ross that you might find interesting?

He points out some serious issues with “Brand New NeNe,” including the fact that her friendships are, at best, more about being #TeamNene than about genuine friendship. Seriously, folks, has this woman had ANY close relationship end without including at least one attempted fight, a mouth full of trash talk, and over-the-top aggression? See: Kim Zolciak, Sheree Whitfield, Dwight, Kenya Moore, Cynthia Bailey, Marlo Hampton, Gregg Leakes, Peter Thomas, Andy Cohen …meh, on the last one.

Dustin Ross, it seems, is saying what a lot of fans have been thinking, NeNe’s designer duds seem to come with a designer attitude, as well. Where did the real NeNe Leakes go? Here is Dustin’s take, stick around and give AATT your take, as well:


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  • Norrth

    Dustin Ross is WHOA! I loved every word he said to her. He really put his finger on the pulse, for me. It’s disturbing to watch this woman pretend to be something she is not. If it was a sign of growth, I would be cheering her on, but it feels like someone who has gotten a little too big inside her own head. She keeps trying to tear down women who have been where she is trying to get. She should be clinging to them and hoping they will help her become something better. It’s sad that the only minority RH franchise has this woman tearing down others who have made their mark on our shared culture before anyone ever heard of her and the troubles she brings with her.

  • colleen

    Dustin, who the hell are you and where have you been my whole life? Loved your spot on video. Has NeNe ruined her relationship with eldest son and her Grand Baby?
    We, the fans of #RHOA, indirectly pay NeNe’s salary. If it weren’t for us, she’d still be wearin’ her Cintas pants! P.S. Greg doesn’t seem none too happy either

  • Shelly Jones

    OMG….I LOVE Dustin Ross…I am a subscriber. He calls it right. My dude!

  • Jersey

    This was great! Yesssss Justin! He called it all. She seriously has let money go to her head. I was team Nene back in the day but as she got more popular her attitude became too much. I remember the season where she fell out with Kim she couldn’t ever really give a reason why but it was obvious to the viewers. She was insanely jealous that Kim was making a song and decided not to include her. She was looking for a come up back then and was hoping to get it with the track Kandi was helping make. When Kim’s song became somewhat of a hit she began to hate her even more. Now that Nene has her fame she has no problem with Kim. She’s just all kinds of shady.

  • Babson_Chick

    This confirms what most of us have been thinking – Da Moose is too full of her big self to really care about anyone else!!! Bloop!! Saw that when she started figthing with Kim – way back when.

  • Babson_Chick

    Right!! Great Read!! Love Dustin but he bettter watch out – she’ll be mad as hell. Hey Wigs – We knew you before you got new toofuses!!!

  • CoolBreeze14

    Yaaaasss! I watched this guy’s review yesterday and he was so on point! I hope this continues to go viral!

  • Marsbars09

    That brother read Moose like Shakespeare. Nene’s physical appearance and attitude has changed drastically since season 1 of RHOA, and it’s not positive. Just because Nene has gotten some success she thinks she is superior to others. She has ruined every relationship she’s had on the show due to her arrogance and delusion.
    I don’t remember Nene yelling at Cynthia not to talk to her while she was trying to calm Nene down after arguing with Kim right before she left the show. I would not want to befriend anyone that spoke to me in that manner.

  • BaybeK8s

    Hello Everyone! I’ve missed you all. Please excuse my language but, all I can say to and about Dustin Ross is, “Damn”. He said everything I had been thinking about Nene and then some. He read Nene like a New York Times Best Seller paperback edition. Bravo Dustin! Bravo!
    I have stopped watching RHOA since the season she was in L.A. working on
    the New Normal. All that talking about the ladies taking the party bus
    to Las Vegas and she was flying first class really irked me. She was
    friends with Kenya at that time and I never definitively knew why she
    stopped being friendly with Kenya.All the info I get about the RHOA is from this site. I refuse to help put coins in Nene or Andy’s pockets anymore.

    • lexi

      THANK YOU!! ME EITHER!! I will NEVER support her!!!

  • say_no_go

    Yasssss Dustin..Yasssss

  • equinox2009

    Finally, someone has really and truly told this horrible being who she really, not who she thinks she is!! Thank you, Dustin. She thinking she all Hollywood but everything she has appeared is over, Las Vegas threw her ass out after 3 performances-supposed to do 10, “Broaway” has kicked her to the curb, She couldn’t sell tickets or even give them away. So NeNe Leaked you are still back to who you really are and we know it! Now that you have embarrassed yourself with these failed attempts are we going to hear “I’m a rich bitch”-dont think so!!

  • Ann Tindall

    WOW ….. I am surprised by this vicious attack, If the other ladies history are creditable and real then why are they coming on the show? I thought the show was a platform for ALL of the women to show case their talents or business ventures. Sad day when a man, makes video about a women and call her and others disrespectful names. This was no read this was SAD

  • boobookittyluv

    I love Dustin Ross. Thank you. Because if a woman thinks she can step to a man and call him out his name , then expect a man to do the same to you.