[EXCLUSIVE] The Giudice Blame Game Heats Up: It’s ALL Teresa’s Fault

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The “Real Housewives of ​New Jersey,” star, Teresa Giudice’s, days of freedom are growing shorter and shorter, and the stories leaking from Camp Giudice are growing more and more desperate. The most commonly grasped theory from Teresa’s loyal fan base has always held fast to the belief that this was ALL her hubby Joe’s doing. Teresa simply  signed whatever wordy document that was put in front of her in stumped silence, no questions asked.  Joe was behind the scenes, cheating, pilfering, and covering his butt like a pro, while Teresa flung sauce, tilted her grinning head for the camera, and spent away the fistfuls of cash that Joe hauled in, like a naive champ. Due to the fact that America has seen Teresa struggle for vocabulary on camera, and she definitely appears intellectually challenged, this would seem a feasible deduction.  However, an exclusive All About the Tea source close to Camp Giudice throws a proverbial wrench into this theory, claiming that at least from the Giudice side of the family, the belief is almost the polar opposite, and the frustrated and painful family upset is kicking into high gear.

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Our inside tipster explains that the Giudice finger of blame is being pointed squarely at Teresa, and that the stress is triggering constant fighting between Joe and Teresa. The family believes that Teresa led him down the yellow brick road of fraud, and that her desire for all things glitzy is the underlying force behind Joe’s blatant dishonesty. Joe’s mother is evidently struggling with illness, and facing the fact that her son is heading to the Big House, is dragging her further down physically, as well as emotionally. Our source reveals that they simply believe that Teresa’s appetite for a life of luxury caused Joe to pursue any means necessary to make her extravagant dreams come true. I guess this opinion is much easier to stomach than accepting that their cute little boy has morally failed, and has caused countless people financial and emotional pain.

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So which comes first, the chicken or the egg? Did Teresa demand a lifestyle that pushed Joe into the criminal life, pushing him to risk everything to please a shrew of a wife that wanted gaudy wealth over an honestly led life? Should we cling to the first theory…that Joe was crazed with money hungry greed, and his obvious lack of integrity and selfish lack of empathy for others got the best of him? I have a third theory. It’s called the Theory of Personal Responsibility. Teresa needs to take responsibility for not taking her signature seriously, or should have gone the heck back to school to jump her reading level from 3rd grade to 8th, before she signed as much as a permission slip. Joe should have manned up and said NO to both his wife, and to being a thieving, lying crook, and cared enough about his fellow man, and his children, to not take money that didn’t belong to him. They both should have just said NO to a lifestyle that they couldn’t afford, and maybe worked on upping their taste level, so they could actually recognize gaudy tackiness. Their butts are going to be sitting in a prison cell because of BOTH of their greedy and dishonest hearts. I think I can safely say that Judge Salas would agree with theory number three.


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