Saturday Funnies: THOT Tri-State Tour

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I got my two bestest frenemies friends to join me on a  Tri-state tour!
thosts-4 copy


We wus gonna be showins youses ours ballet, but the Bolshoi Ballet Company threatened
legalz actions againstes us.  I guesses wez wuz too goodz!

Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 8.42.50 AM


Then wez tries ta do some Hip danczing, but gettingz new mirrors every nite gotz toos expensive!
And the aspirin for our headaches​ ​wuz anuther cost taking money from m̶e̶ ​​us.​

breaking glass-15sec


Now I wuz so tires from allz da travelings.
tre drives the bus


Soz nowz wez are on Last Ditch Effort!
Allz youses needs ta go on theres andz gives supports us!

JVRwVccDp7hn-2-Final maybe


We’​z​ gots ​our ​operator ta takes alls youses money donations. Calls us!

typing pink kitty


My Our number is:



*Content for comedic purposes only. Not intended to be taken seriously*


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