American Horror Story Recap: “Tupperware Party Massacre” [Episode 9]

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We begin this episode in Maggie Esmerelda’s tent. Finally she is reading the fortune of someone! And this someone is Dandy. He tells Maggie he’s been a bad, bad boy. As she gazes into her crystal ball, we see that he has killed the Avon lady, decapitated her, and sewn her head onto his mother’s body, creating his own personal, Bette and Dot. Maggie tells Dandy he can relax, his past indiscretions will be forgotten, and although there is a dark cloud (could they be more obvious) on the horizon, the rain will soon pass.

Cut to a drunk Jimmy (who is drunk the entire episode) feeding fat-lady, Ima. He hears Dandy whistling and runs after him, demanding to know where Dot and Bette are. For once, Dandy is innocent. Jimmy calls him a murderer and that he knows Dandy was the other masked clown. Jimmy takes a swing at Dandy, but misses, crashing to the ground. Dandy tells Jimmy he is god and will make Jimmy suffer.

After pilfering through dead Ethel’s things, Elsa and Stanley learn where Bette and Dot are hiding. They show up at the motel and lie to the twins that the Floridian mob has killed Ethel and turned against the freaks. They must move the twins to safety if the doctor is to separate them. But what really is going on, is Stanley and Elsa are going to murder them and go to Hollywood. But what really is going on, is Stanley has no plans or connections in Hollywood and will most likely attempt to murder Elsa, too.

Desi and Maggie are walking the campground when a man, Angus T. Jackson, drives up. Maggie gets all tough and tells him to leave Desi alone, but we learn this is Desi’s beaux. Angus tells Desi he can’t stop thinking of her and then leaves. Desi and Maggie continue their walk and walk in on Jimmy and Ima trying to have sex. Maggie and Ima argue over Jimmy. Ima tells Maggie to stay away or she will flatten her like a pancake. Jimmy throws up.

We move on to the “Tupperware” party for the women who use Jimmy’s services, only he’s drunk and missing the point, if you know what I mean. Drunk Jimmy stumbles into the living room and sees his dead mother Ethel. He hugs her and apologizes, but of course it’s not his mother. They tell Jimmy to leave. Seconds later, there’s a knock at the door and it’s Dandy. It seems his fancy convertible sports car has broken down and he would like to use their phone. They willingly and eagerly let him in.

Elsa and Stanley drop Bette and Dot off at a shack where they will wait for the doctor who will then transport them in the middle of the night for their surgery. (Why not kill them there? What are they waiting for?) Bette is reluctant, but Stanley assures her that Dr. Sugar has perfected his technique and now one twin shouldn’t die.

Back over at the Tupperware party, the husband walks in, going through the mail, complaining that he had to park down the street because of the cars in their driveway. When he finally bothers to look up, he sees all six woman, dead and floating in the bloody indoor swimming pool.

Dandy is home preparing for his now ritual blood bath when Regina storms in and informs Dandy that she’s gone to the police. Dandy flat-out tells Regina, “Girl, I done killed your mamma” or something to that effect. She notices the blood in the room. Dandy says, “Girl, relax, that there blood is my momma’s. Hey, let’s take a bath together like we used to.” He shares with Regina that he is now god, living his destiny and has no interest in killing her for he is above the law. Regina flees the house.

Back at the shack, Dot and Bette have a tender scene where they discuss their need to be normal. Bette says she will give her life to Dot so that Dot may have a life. Love means sacrifice. They tell each other, “I love you.”

At the campground, a drunk Dell (like father, like son) is trying to write Desi a letter. He crumples it up. Then he tries to write Jimmy a letter and crumples it up, too. He goes for a walk and Stanley finds him, telling him to quite going off half-cocked. Speaking of half-cocked, Stanley whips out his apparently half-cock and Dell is shocked that Stanley is a freaky-freak. Stanley asks if he’d like to touch it, but Dell declines.

Dell returns to his trailer, writes the note, and Ma Petite appears for a split second, demanding he sign it. Dell steps up to the hanging rope. Ethel appears and says she’s not there to stop him, she’s there to watch. Dell admits that he’s a weak-man, not a strong-man, puts his head through the noose, and steps off the chair. As the room fades to black, Desi cuts the rope and saves Dell’s life.

Regina arrives at Dandy’s house with one police detective, and I’m thinking this isn’t going to end well for him, but I would be wrong. Dandy admits that Regina is not a liar and if she says their mothers are dead, well then, they must be dead. Dandy tells the detective how rich he is, and if he will dig a hole and put a dead Regina in it, he will give the detective $1million. In two seconds Regina’s brains are on the wall.

Drunk Jimmy staggers into his trailer to find Bette and Dot waiting for him. They’ve decided against the surgery and make an offering to Jimmy to be a “loving” family, take his pain away, and be together forever. Jimmy kisses them, but pulls away. Jimmy tells the twins that he’s in love with someone else. Bette and Dot leave, holding each other’s hand and Jimmy slams a bottle of whiskey against the wall.

Just then police arrive and arrest Jimmy for the murder of the Tupperware women. How did they know he was there? Dandy told the detective, who apparently is now Dandy’s new blood-brother.

Things to Ponder:

  • Are you as shocked as I am that Regina was taken out so early. Compared to the Coven, her role on Freak Show is nil. Perhaps she’ll come back to haunt Dandy. (And bring his mother!)
  • Why did they bother introducing Desi’s boyfriend tonight (who played Theo Huxtable on the Cosby Show-wonder if he has any stories to tell) for the ten seconds he was there?
  • At least with Jimmy going to jail he will sober up and figure out a way to save the day.
  • And finally, I really can’t wait for Dandy to get what’s coming to him. Maybe he and Elsa can kill each other.


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