Cooking For Dummies: Teresa Giudice of Real Housewives of New Jersey Launches Youtube Cooking Videos

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Teresa Giudice RHONJ

One thing that can be said about “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star, Teresa Giudice, is that she is always hustlin’. She still has a few weeks before she trades in her designer duds for prison scrubs, and apparently she is determined to bring in the moolah while she can.

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Her latest venture is a series of online cooking videos for Glam. Her snazzy Glam moniker is the ‘Haute Hostess’. ‘Haute’ is a french word for high, and is often used as a reference word  for elevated, high-class, or super fancy, not to be mispronounced or confused with “HAWT!,” which luckily for her, wasn’t the vibe that Teresa was going for. Her first preparation is called devil shrimp over angel hair pasta, from her Fabulicious cookbook.


I’ll start with the good first. Her hair looked cute. I detest TV cooking shows that allow the chefs to cook with their hair hanging all over the place, putting an attempted sexy appearance over a hairless entree.  What she was wearing was appropriate and appealing, and overall she was looking good, and rocked that signature head tilt like a pro. Another thumbs up for the overall performance, Teresa was relatively poised, and she explained and executed the dish well. However for all I know, this four minute segment could have taken twelve hours, and keeping the outtakes into consideration, it is very possible that the editors had their work cut out for them. Could there have been half a dozen market runs to replenish the shrimp? Could be, and I’ll give you three guesses to what the crew stuffed themselves with for lunch that day. The dish did look tasty, and I would certainly eat it happily, if any attentive student of Teresa’s cared to cook it for me.

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On a more negative note, the beginning of this video looked like it was targeted to a mentally slow audience. I thought to present warming a tablespoon of olive oil as a careful step to any recipe, as well as referring to the shrimp as pinky, certainly upped the dum dum factor, and my guess is that sucking four minutes out of a kindergarten level recipe was a bit of a challenge. Teresa also loves the way the shrimp curls up in a little ball when you cook them, and recommends that tricky kitchen tool known as basic tongs to flip them, both comments that one would only bother to say if they were knocking out dinner with a pre-schooler.

I have been cooking at a mediocre level for what feels like an eternity, and while I don’t particularly enjoy it, to watch a video this simple would have been a waste of time for me, even at my learning to boil water stage. Teresa touts her recipes as quick, easy and delicious.  True enough, and while I would maybe glance at a few cookbook directions and prepare this dish, I would have to be really bored to watch anyone boil pasta.  Maybe simple is the new GLAM?  If this is the case, Teresa is perfect.


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