EXCLUSIVE: Teresa Giudice BUSTED! Feds Onto “Worthless” Jewelry Scam – Video Reveals Grounds for Perjury Charges

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Most of us cannot imagine what it must feel like to be “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star, Teresa Giudice. She is set to surrender to a 15-month federal prison sentence in under a month now, and it certainly appears that for the immediate future, her life circumstances couldn’t be much bleaker. Looks can be deceiving though, because it appears as though things may be getting much worse, before they get better, for Teresa Giudice. 

An EXCLUSIVE inside source has reached out to All About The Tea and spilled some scalding hot details, explaining that the feds are working behind the scenes to slam Teresa with perjury charges, and that the evidence has been right in front of the eyes of millions of viewers all along. The grounds for the new charges pertain to Teresa’s claim to the court during her pre-sentencing asset disclosures, that all of her jewelry is costume, FAKE, and all but worthless.

Teresa GiudiceTeresa Giudice sporting some bling-bling in 2012 at a Staten Island book signing

However, prosecutors noted that in her pre-sentencing list of assets, Teresa Giudice failed to include several cars, ATVs and other items, claimed no jewelry and said her $3 million home is filled with just $25,000 worth of furniture. Meanwhile, Joe Giudice failed to file tax returns for the last several years, despite the requirement to do so in his plea agreement.

The only problem with that position, is that she had already spilled the tea that her jewelry indeed has value…where and when did this soon to be painful, truth nugget occur? Ironically it played out on computer screens all over America, in the most obnoxious spot in the Giudice home…. Milania’s overstuffed, designer closet.

A clip on the Bravo website reveals the truth, in an extra little diddy, probably only viewed by Teresa superfans, where Teresa treats the viewer to a tour of the overindulged tot’s closet. While leading the viewer through Milania’s room, Teresa stumbles upon some of her jewelry, apparently borrowed, (or pilfered…darn those genetics), presumably by Milania. Upon the discovery, a relieved Teresa comments, “Thank God I have insurance!” WHOOPS!!! Teresa Giudice is so CAUGHT!


Even an armchair detective could have pinned her on this, and the obvious sham has NOT escaped the eyes of the feds, who according to our EXCLUSIVE tipster, are building a case to nail her to the wall for perjuring herself, and once again, not disclosing the real truth.

Our inside informant also explained that the lawyer who represented her during her fraud trial is trying to communicate, and Teresa has been unresponsive, due to her tantrum like anger at his perceived failure at keeping this “Housewife” free.

“Henry Klingeman left Teresa two voice mail messages on Friday to call his office ASAP and two more messages yesterday.” The source added, “He claims he must talk to her regarding her sentencing and that Judge Salas has concerns about her post sentencing behavior. Teresa will not call him back because she claims she’s done with him.”

So needless to say, the plot thickens….even Teresa wouldn’t be foolish enough to spend money insuring WORTHLESS baubles. Sorry, Teresa,  but you can’t brag about being loaded and declare humble thriftiness at the same time!  No one will believe it.

Teresa Giudice

Teresa and Joe Giudice will take turns serving their prison sentences. Teresa reports first on January 5, 2015 and Joe will report after she completes her term.


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