Brandi Glanville Admits Lisa Vanderpump Ended Their Friendship

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It appears that “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,”star Brandi Glanville, is on the outs with yet another one of her cast-mate’s, this time the lucky person is, Lisa Vanderpump. Brandi has spilled the tea to Australia’s NW Magazine about the state of her friendship this season with Lisa.

“I thought there was a chance but I guess not… you’ll see it all unfold.”

As you’ll remember, at last season’s reunion, Ken flat out said he wouldn’t forgive Brandi and Lisa said she wasn’t sure. Apparently, now Lisa’s sure. Brandi is claiming it was Lisa’s decision not to move forward and that Brandi has given up on the idea of being friends with Lisa.

“I mean, I love her, and you’ll see our relationship as we try to mend it.”

Last week’s episode showed the beginning of the end when Brandi called Lisa while “hiking” with Kyle Richards and told Lisa that she wouldn’t kiss her ass forever. Umm, hello, Brandi. You obviously don’t get the relationship Lisa Vanderpump has with her friends. So if Brandi can’t abide by those rules, then, Cheerio, darling, but it’s going to get lonely. She and Kyle aren’t speaking and a Brandi tweeted on Dec 6

“My boyfriend just broke up with me via email because I said my kids will always be my first priority…NYC here I come.”
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Good choice Brandi! And she does have one huge supporter in her corner…Donald Trump. He recently tweeted that he is “such a big fan of @BrandiGlanville!!”

Donald Trump

In other good-news-for-Brandi, she won the court battle against her ex-husband, Eddie Cibrian. Brandi accused Eddie of trying to take her retirement plan in an effort to get over-paid child support and alimony returned. Brandi tweeted, “Deserved thanks to the fairness & wisdom of our California Family Court system. Case closed!”

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