Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Friend or Faux [Episode 5]

Posted on Dec 8 2014 - 8:04am by BeachSpin


I’m visiting Atlanta this week y’all, and we begin with Kenya dropping in for a visit with Claudia. Kenya barrels in, gushes over Claudia’s new apartment, dubs it the sexiest pad in town, and wishes that she had had the foresight to show up naked.  Claudia is excited about her new hot digs, because she passed her credit check, and even scored a sucker to help her assemble her Ikea shipment.  Kenya acts snooty about drinking out of throwaway cups, and Claudia snarks back that worn out Kenya should be thankful to drink out of her smokin’ hot red solos. Kenya catches Claudia up about several of the women not believing that a shifty crook like Apollo, would actually tell a fib and Claudia backs her up, sagely remarking that being a crazy, ashy diva doesn’t make you a lying whore. These two are fun together, and Claudia seems like a straight shooter. They give up on the furniture and depart to find some guys with screwdrivers, and some legit wine glasses.  

Kandi and Todd are examining Kandi’s old house, and the place is in shambles, due to an abandoned hack job reno project started by Mama Joyce’s boyfriend.  Kandi had given MJ the home, who went on to determine that she and her crack craftsman love interest could suck more square foot luxury out of Kandi’s checkbook, and proceeded to leave the place a half demolished, wreck.  Kandi is pissed, and Todd is sick to death of Kandi never holding MJ accountable for any of her awful behavior. Kandi admits that he is right, and decides to send MJ only two dozen roses to teach her a hard lesson. 


We flip to Cynthia’s kitchen where her mom and sis are visiting for the weekend. They rehash the NeNe friendship crash and burn, and Cynthia shares that she is tired of the constant public banter. She launches into just a smidge more banter, and calls NeNe out on the ‘open for dialogue’ sham she is selling, when in reality, she is only receptive to those who agree with her.  We flash back to the beginning of the end, and relive the horror of NeNe’s clorox helmet hairdo. Cynthia nails it, by stating that she is just fed up with the self centered shine of NeNe Leakes, and  continues the sharp insight, by commenting that NeNe doesn’t have the tools to treat people decently, and even worse, to choose decent wigs.


It’s time for guacamole at Phaedra’s, and she is morphing into someone that I barely recognize…at least on the outside. Kandi arrives, and Phaedra chachas and snaps back into her kitchen, and while trying hard to stifle a giggle, spills some troubling details about her delusional, slammer bound hubby. Phaedra labels Kenya a serial liar, and accuses her of paying off Apollo to cover her butt, because after all, covering her own butt is Phaedra‘s most lucrative career, and she definitely knows all of the telltale signs. Kandi thinks that Phaedra just doesn’t want to admit that her husband is a pathetic con artist, because accepting that prison bound criminals lie, might challenge her judgement for choosing a thug to father her kids. Kandi wants all of the women to get together to clear the air, move on…you know…that classic Housewife pipe dream. Phaedra rolls her eyes so hard that one of them is almost crushed by a rogue chunk of falling eyelash.


It’s time to break for a teen moment, because Brent Leakes is learning how to drive, and that crazy old geezer Greg, breaks out his eccentric crash test dummy wear to cushion the impact of the teen running over some cones in a parking lot. NeNe vents to Greg about the upcoming give peace a chance dinner, while stomping, snorting and tossing her talking head, braying that she doesn’t owe that whore Kenya an apology, because she never even called her the W word. Greg shakes his head in compassionate agreement, nicely covering the fact that he actually turned down his hearing aid about an hour ago.


We are hitting the gym with the dynamic duo, because Claudia desperately wants Atlanta chic, concrete laden butt cheeks like Kenya.  Kenya pushes her hard, by teaching her how to roll around on a butt blasting ball. Claudia opens up about her heritage, and how being biracial affected her as a child. Claudia’s Italian mom is coming to visit, and their relationship is strained, which brings empathetic sympathy from KenyaClaudia took shots from all sides growing up, and especially missed having her dad around.  


We jump to a cute lunch with Kandi and Auntie 1 and Auntie 2, AKA The Old Lady Gang, because they’re fun, and Kandi needs to laugh about her demolished house.  They eat fried food, cackle about baby makin’, and indulge in family gossip. Kandi is annoyed because MJ is a self righteous hypocrite and was downing Todd, while shacking up with some guy who gets off on destroying her bathrooms.


The dinner of new beginnings has arrived, and Phaedra, always grubbing for the spotlight, turns on her forced shtick deflection act, while obnoxiously making a mockery out of prayer. Kandi looks uncomfortable. Cynthia arrives, and Porsha flounces in wearing a designer dress, raising all of the few still movable eyebrows in the room. NeNe makes her grand white queenesque entrance, evidently fresh from her Paul Revere’s Ride reenactment commitment. Kandi shoots for a  kumbaya moment, but Apollogizegate quickly takes over. Kenya continues to defend herself as Phaedra bleats out the same mantra…. that Kenya quacks like a bright yellow alcoholic-whore-slut blah blah blah. 

Kenya vs Phaedra

Kandi steps up and admits that Apollo’s confession is a game changer. Porsha sharply determines that an apology is cool if you feel like it. Phaedra blinks and tries to keep her head upright from the crushing backwards neck yank of her humongous braid, while they all enjoy a meal of stale crackers. NeNe and Cynthia launch into their issues, and NeNe claims that while she was really too busy being successful to even notice a fallout, Cynthia IS pretty darn disloyal, and is also controlled by Peter, who has also been known to be kind of a bitch. The word FRIEND is repeated about 50 times, and by this point, I don’t know if any of these women will be friends. What was I thinking, coming to Atlanta anyway??

Nene vs Cynthia


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  • noarguingwithstupid

    Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!!!

  • Shelly Jones

    Kandi and Todd- Todd leave Kandi and Joyce’s relationship alone. Its just gonna drive a wedge through your relationship. Kandi will not hold her accountable. I think the family drama is their story line unfortunately. Kenya and Claudia – Cute so far. Cynthia – I hate to say this but im starting to believe that the beef with Nene is a part of her story line. On the one hand I don’t blame her because as a viewer I

  • Great recap, Beach! Right is right and wrong is wrong. All of them owe Kenya an apology. Don’t have to be best friends but she deserves that much. Nene over talking Cynthia told me she had something to hide. I could never be friends with someone like Nene. UGH!!!

    • noarguingwithstupid

      Nene has always seemed sneaky to me–never trusted her.

    • I love me some Kenya, but I don’t any of them owe her anything. Whether Apollo lied or not, she still added fuel to the fire by her actions, yet she doesn’t govern herself accordingly. She got her apology from him and that’s where I think the buck should stop.

    • Jennymckitty

      I can’t believe they all truly believed Apollo in the first place. I don’t live in Atlanta & don’t know any of them, but I knew it was a lie and a storyline from the beginning. So I have to wonder…did they really believe this or is this part of the script?

      • noarguingwithstupid

        I bet it is the script. I’ve become a real skeptic when it comes to these shows and their “editing”.

        • Jennymckitty

          Hey NAWS! I agree. Do you think that Cynthia & Nene’s falling out is real on both their parts?

      • classycns

        If it had really happened then TMZ would have had the video footage of Kenya at Apollo’s hotel room door. This was in Beverly Hills. TMZ has spies all over LA.

        • JeB

          lol TMZ does have ever little piece of gossip especially in LA lol

    • Shelly Jones

      Anyone who actively participated in spreading the lie and assassinating Kenya’s character owes her an apology. I honestly hope this is the end of this saga or I’m gonna demand an darn apology.

    • BeachSpin

      Thank u…and EW, me neither.

    • CoolBreeze14

      The tea is that Cynthia hired Gregg’s mistress to be her assistant or help her with something and that’s why Nene is salty!

      • I remember reading that on a few blogs. NeNe likes to control everything and she’s just pissed she can’t control Cynthia anymore.

        • CoolBreeze14

          Exactly! I’m really thinking at this point this will be my last season watching this show and I adore Kenya and now Claudia, but I just can’t with this cast anymore. I like Cynthia but she should have turned up the way she did on Porsha years ago! So far I think outside of a few scenes this season has been dry!

  • noarguingwithstupid

    The recap was perfection!!!! Just like the show!!! Good job and thanks, as always!!

    • BeachSpin

      Awwww…Thank YOU Naws…and I’m glad you liked it!

  • Great recap Beach. My problem with Cynthia lies solely in the fact that she claims she is over NeNe, she says NeNe is talking about her constantly, but this is the fifth episode, and she’s the one who’s doing all the talking. In my honest opinion, and no one ever elected me the President of the NeNe Leakes Fan Club, but if I apologized to you, and your husband, and in my opinion, Petra doesn’t need an apology, then if you accept it, and we both move on, then you did me wrong for turning your back on me. She completely blindsided NeNe at the reunion, and yes NeNe is hurt, because she just don’t cry over anybody. Cynthia is a follower. She let the people on Twitter and Facebook, who constantly dogged her for three seasons for being NeNe’s lackey, which she was, get into her head, and quite possibly, her bank account was doing a lot of talking to. I just didn’t see Cynthia coming back for another season had she not had the NeNe drama, because she’s boring as watching paint dry. So she traded in her friend contract for a check, yet NeNe did her wrong? I think not.

    • Jennymckitty

      ITA. If you have a problem with a friend, you don’t wait until the reunion to bring it up. One apology from Nene is one more than most people get.

      • Exactly. An apology from NeNe is like Haley’s Comet. It only comes around ever so often lol

        • Jennymckitty

          Good one!

      • True. Cynthia has said that she did forgive Nene but when she saw it all play back on TV, it stirred up raw emotions and made her angry all over again. Nene calling Peter a bitch REALLY hurt Cynthia and she felt very embarrassed.

        • Jennymckitty

          I’m not a fan of the “new” Nene, but If Cynthia is going to be embarrassed it should be over Peter’s behavior. He did everything in his power to be in the women’s drama last season. That man was thirsty.

          • Ain’t that the truth! Peter really wanted his peach and behaved like a bitch. But Nene is so vile. I could never have a friend call my husband that regardless of how he behaved and still remain friends.

          • Shelly Jones

            Hi Jenny…I don’t see that at all. That night at the charity event, Peter was talking to his wife, disgusted at Nene’ behavior and she rolled up on him all in his face. I don’t recall any other instances he was in the ladies drama. Except having a conversation with Cordell…but no one had an issue with the men reaching out to Walter and inviting him to events.

    • BeachSpin

      Thanks Breanna! I do agree that Cynthia needs to can the babble and move on.

  • Trippinhhard

    Good recap—-better than the show
    Ok I sick of kandi and her mama drama, her mother is a very unhappy bossy woman..
    FHEDRA looks good — I don’t think she owes Kenya anything, Apollo lied to her, they just need to move on..
    Cynthia and Nene — something bigger happen, they were friends off cameras. I like Cynthia, she’s not in your face and it doesn’t look good for her to start now.. She should shade the sweet (lol) she does, but she’s overboard.. Nene is really hurt, but you just need to move on, Cynthia don’t want to play anymore…LOL

    • BeachSpin

      Thank u..exactly…I think you’re right…Cynthia wants to change the rules…Moose isn’t gna have it.

      • Trippinhhard

        Well to me it’s strange, because Nene is really hurt, I just saw the promo for next week, Nene crying, this is a first.. I think something else happen in that relationship. I just think if we can’t be friends, then just move along and don’t add to the drama. Cynthia started out the gate, throwing shades, I had to laugh, because it’s just not her, but she needs a check, just like the rest or they would not be on TV…

        • BeachSpin

          Something does seem weird with Cynthia…like she didn’t like the way she looked last season, and decided to reinvent herself. NeNe is confused by the change, and doesn’t know how to handle it.

  • TartLemon

    Kenya sure does seem awfully possessive of Claudia in a bullying sort of way. I can’t wait until Claudia becomes more friendly with the other ladies and does something that does not include Kenya. I see fireworks brewing. Maybe not this season, but definitely.

    • Jennymckitty

      Claudia has said that she & Cynthia have become good friends. Interesting to see how that turns out.

    • Claudia seems extremely loyal. I can’t see her turning on Kenya or fraternizing with her enemies.

      • CoolBreeze14

        Claudia has already dropped the tea that she does NOT plan on turning on Kenya for ratings! So all of Kenya’s haters need to give that BS up. Some people want EVERYBODY to hate Kenya. Some of us actually like her and her energy. Not everyone wants to look at loud, angry beasts every week! LOL
        Seuss is this your new username? LOL

        • murlut

          Bet she does, of course Kenya will blame her for something just like she has done to everyone

        • Hey boo! Yes, this is Seuss. How are you doing?

          • CoolBreeze14

            Hey Seuss! I’m doing good hun! How are you?

    • murlut

      Tart, I have to agree. She sure the heck didn’t want Claudia around Porsha even thou she said she did. I am so tired of Kenya’ hateful remarks about everyone.

  • italiano bambino

    Nene was like a beast out of control Cynthia hardly said a word out. Me think Cynthia was about to spill something that nene didn’t want to be aired.

  • italiano bambino

    When nene had a fallout with kim she sure made everyone hear her voice when that happen. Now she wanted to talk to Cynthia in private BS.

  • CoolBreeze14

    My goodness Phaedra and Nene are ugly! Great recap! My favorite scenes were the Kenya and Claudia scenes. That’s about it. I like Cynthia too but I’m ready for Bravo to give her another storyline outside of Nene! Cynthia couldn’t even get a word in last night and folks have the nerve to be cheering for Nene shutting Cynthia down! Well said to say folks, Cynthia is not the one Bravo is trying to phase out. I really don’t know why Porsha was there. She is useless in this show. I have a feeling she won’t come back next season and I hope she doesn’t! I’m just ready for all the new storylines now and I hate how production is dragging out this reuinion beef! I also hate how Demetria has not been introduced to us yet, not even a scene shown of her!

  • RealitytvJunkie

    I loved this recap, thank you Beach. Witty and you hot all the markers. I’m still laughing.

    • BeachSpin

      Thanks Reality!! ;D

  • Anybody catch the nasty apology Kenya made to Phaedra? It was so pathetic!
    “I apologize for anything I said to you in reaction to the things that you have said about me”
    Not sorry about stealing her video idea the first day they met. Or stealing her husband, on ntl TV. No sorry for ghost posting vile comments on every blog site about her to degrade her.
    *Kenya will always be the woman (not the HW) who paid a man to get on the show.
    * & she’ll always be the ONLY woman RHW history that took a husband away from a RHwife.
    *& The only woman D. Trump has called “The most evil woman he’s ever met”
    There’s only been one fan here for Kenya & that’s Kenya.